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Woodhouse College
geography philosophy German Spanish

Winter Weather Statement



The College will endeavour to stay OPEN if at all possible.  We will only close the College if weather conditions are severe enough that the site cannot be made safe and/or if public transport routes servicing the College are, or are likely to be, very seriously disrupted.  In both cases this will usually be due to exceptionally heavy snow.

1.      Getting Information

·         The College will decide whether to open or not when conditions on site and the public transport situation have been assessed that morning.

·         We will update the College web site as soon as possible in the morning, normally by 7.30am.

·         We will also text all students who have provided the College with a mobile phone number.

2.      If we close…

·         When exams are due to take place, we will open the site for these exams, even if the College is closed for teaching (see below).

·         Students should treat this as a study day.  Where you have access to a computer, you should check your emails for messages from your teachers and use Woodle to access student materials. 

3.      If we stay open…

·         We will ensure that all students who come to College on these days are provided with a constructive educational experience.  This may or may not be normal timetabled lessons.

·         We are likely to be short of staff on these days, but we undertake to provide students with the best teaching and learning experience possible in the circumstances.

·         Please note that there is a risk that the College may have to close early in the event of deteriorating conditions during the course of the day.  Please ensure you have access to your home or somewhere else safe for you to go.

4.      What we expect of students

·         Students are expected to travel to College where it is safe to so do.  It is up to the individual to judge whether their journey is likely to be safe or not. 

·         Students should attend if it is safe – we will provide teaching and learning for you, so you will miss out if you do not attend.

·         You should get up early on mornings where bad weather is forecast.  You should then check the College web site and your mobile phone regularly.

·          If the College is open, you should use public transport or walk to College, allowing extra time for the journey.  We suggest that you do not drive as parking in the area is likely to be more difficult than usual.

·         You must ensure that you have suitable clothing (especially shoes) for icy/snowy weather.  Please put safety above fashion and be sensible.

·         We will not penalise students who are genuinely unable to attend, and EMA payments will normally be made.  However, if other students who live in the same area have attended, we reserve the right to stop EMA payments and register the student as absent.

5.      Examinations

·         Don’t worry! All exams will take place as indicated by your examination timetable.

·          It is up to you to follow the guidance above and use a bit of common sense. Get up earlier than normal to take into account that your customary travel time to College may be considerably longer than usual.

·         Students who fail to attend will be given the opportunity to sit any missed exams at the next available series. Where this is not possible and it can be proven that the student has been affected by adverse circumstances beyond their control, special consideration may be applied for.




Finally, thank you for your patience, resilience and good humour during bouts of bad weather. Your safety is of paramount importance to us so be extra careful but remember that this should be balanced against the importance of your education.