Governor Committees, Working Groups and Minutes

The Board of the Corporation comprises all governors and meets four or five times a year. 

In addition, there are a number of sub-committees and governors are expected to serve on one or more of these. The current sub-committees are:

Finance and Operations: comprises 5/6 Governors and meets three or four times a year

Audit:  comprises 5/6 Governors and meets three or four times a year.

Search & Governance: comprises 4/5 governors and meets as required. 

Remuneration: comprises 4/5 governors and meets one or two times a year.  

Quality Assurance: comprises 6/7 Governors and meets three or four times a year.

Most meetings take place between 6-8pm on Monday evenings. 

In addition to the Committees, Working Groups (eg. Premises) are from time to time set up to deal with specific projects.

The College's policy on Governors' Minutes can be viewed by clicking here Minutes Policy
Click here to view the Governance Protocol
Click here to view the Annual Audit Report 2012 - 13
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