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Woodhouse College
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College Policy: Progression from AS to A2 (2016-17)

What will happen at the end of your first year at Woodhouse?

  1. You can progress to the second year of A level study if you achieve at least a grade D in at least three subjects in your AS levels and you have a good record of behaviour and effort.

  2. If you do not achieve an AS level pass grade D or better in a subject it is very unlikely that you will be able to continue to take this at A level. Permission to do this is only granted very rarely and is the decision of the Head of Department concerned.

  3. We recommend most students taking four subjects to drop one of them in the second year and take only three subjects to full A level. So that we can plan our staffing, we will ask you to tell us which subject you intend to drop in March of your first year. If you later change your mind, we will try to provide the subject combination you request. We can’t guarantee to do this however, and the sooner you tell us the better.

  4. If you do not pass three AS Levels at grade D or better, you will probably not be able to continue at the College. We would only allow you to repeat the AS level year if there were exceptional personal circumstances which have affected your achievement. These will almost always be known in advance of the end of your first year. It is your responsibility to inform the Director of Student Services of anything which could lead you to request a repeat year as soon as you can.

  5. If you have a poor record of punctuality and / or attendance and/ or behaviour you may not be allowed to continue into the second year. If your overall attendance record for the first year is under 95% without adequate reason, you may not be allowed into the second year unless there are exceptional circumstances.