Woodhouse College
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Choosing What to Study at Woodhouse College

Woodhouse College will  provide you with a broad and challenging educational experience that meets your individual needs and aspirations.

A Level and AS Courses

  • In your first year at the College (Year 12) most students study four AS subjects. A few take five subjects. Both the choice and the number of subjects you study will depend upon your GCSE results and your university/career intentions.  The AS represents the first year of the A Level qualification and therefore it is important that you are prepared to study at least three of your AS subjects over a full two years in order to achieve an A Level qualification.
  • In the second year (Year 13) most students take three or four subjects at A2.  It is possible that some of you may opt to take an additional AS subject in addition to your A2 programme, for example AS Further Maths. Around 100 students each year also take the Extended Project Qualification in their second year: this is worth half an A Level.
At the end of your first year you will take the AS exam in each of the subjects you have been studying.  Progression onto the A2 part of the subject will be dependent upon passing the AS Level at grade D or higher.
Some thoughts on how to choose your AS subjects can be found here