Woodhouse College

Code of Conduct for Students

Code of Conduct 2013–2015

The College aims to help students achieve high standards of academic work and social behaviour. We expect students to be mature in their attitude and to take a large measure of personal responsibility for their work and progress. We expect all students to abide by this code of conduct.

1. Attend the College for the whole of the core day, except when absence is unavoidable. Ask for permission in advance for planned absences and avoid taking holidays during the College time. Telephone the attendance line between 8.30am and 9.30am on the first day of any unforeseen absence to let us know why you are away. Your parent must authorise your absence with a written note to be given to your personal tutor on your return to the College.

2. Attend and be punctual for all lessons, tutorials, enrichment activities, registrations and any other commitments. Take responsibility for making up any work missed through absence.

3. Respect the fact that the College commitments take precedence over other activities during the College day (9.00am - 4.30pm). Personal appointments, e.g. doctors, dentists, driving lessons, must as far as possible be made outside these times.

4. Complete all work set by the required time to the best of your ability. Your work is expected to be of sufficient standard to enable you to make progress in the courses you are pursuing. Use private study times positively so that all students are able to work in an environment which is suitable for studying.

5. Spend about five hours each week working outside the classroom per AS/A2 subject. Do not let part-time jobs interfere with this time commitment. Remember that being a full-time student requires regular evening and weekend study.

6. Dress in a manner which is appropriate for a working environment and not in a manner which is extreme or distracting, or a potential health & safety risk. Suitable sportswear is expected for enrichment activities.

7. Behave in a sensible and courteous manner, having due regard for all the other members of the College community. The College has an equality & diversity policy with which everyone is expected to comply. Any form of bullying (including cyber bullying), harassment or offensive behaviour will be treated as a serious disciplinary offence.  Considerate behaviour in the local area is also expected and required.

8. Observe the College rules about smoking, alcohol and illegal substances. Smoking is confined to one designated area of the College grounds. You must not smoke in the College buildings or in the immediate surroundings of the College premises. You must not drink alcohol at any time during the College day and you must not bring alcohol or any illegal substances onto the College premises. Possession of any illegal substances during the College day, at any College activity, or reported from outside the College, is grounds for immediate exclusion.

9. The College has a policy of zero tolerance towards violence. Any form of violent and/or intimidating behaviour or behaviour which is likely to lead to violence, whether in College or reported from outside College, will be treated as a very serious disciplinary offence. It is a criminal offence to carry an offensive weapon and the College has the right to search you. The police will be involved, if necessary.

10. Respect the College environment and all the books and resources provided to help your studies. Take care when using computer equipment in the College so that it is not harmed in any way. Use it only for work and do not attempt to alter, copy or load software on to the College computers.  Do not send or receive any obscene, offensive or illegal content.

11. Have due regard to and a shared responsibility for the public image of the College. This includes your behaviour in public places. Broadcasting and publishing information about the College or members of the College community, in print, electronically or via the mass media should only be conducted with the express approval of the principal.

12. Be aware of and follow the College health and safety policy. When in College, you must wear your ID badge and make sure it is visible at all times. This is compulsory for security reasons. You must dress in a way that allows you to be immediately recognisable in relation to your photo on your UD card – exceptions to this rule must be approved by the Principal. If you repeatedly fail to comply with this requirement, you will be excluded from the College.

13. You must not bring or invite any visitors onto the College premises nor support the presence of any non-authorised visitors. Unauthorised visitors are intruders and their presence must be reported immediately to a member of staff for security reasons.

14. You must not drive or be driven onto the College premises.

15. You may use mobile phones within the College social area and the canteen. In other areas of the College, mobiles may be used silently, but they should be switched off in lessons.

16. You must co-operate with the staff and comply with any procedures not specifically mentioned above.

If you fail to observe the code of conduct, the disciplinary policy will be implemented. This can lead to exclusion from the College.