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Woodhouse College
sociology music

Student services

The college has a range of services available to support students
through their social,
personal and academic development.


student is allocated a Personal Tutor who will discuss and monitor your
academic progress throughout the year. Personal Tutors establish a close
working relationship with their tutees through regular meetings, one-to-one
appointments. Progress is reviewed through our individual learning plan and
targets for improvement set. You can also talk to your tutor if you have any
concerns of a personal nature.

Senior tutors

Lower or Upper Senior tutor is responsible for a cohort of students. They
liaise with your tutor and members of the students’ services team and have an
overview of the range of barriers to learning that impact on students’
progress, with reference to behaviour for learning, in and out of the

Progress Managers

student progress managers work with a cohort of upper or lower students. Their role is to ensure students settle well
into college, thrive and develop learning skills and resilience so that they
progress to their desires destination.

ALS Additional Learning Support

Additional Learning Support provide extra
help to any students who has different or additional needs. Support
is provided for students with:
A general learning difficulty
?A specific learning difficulty
?A physical disability
?A hearing or visual impairment
?A communication difficulty
?A gap in learning
?Emotional / mental health difficulties
?For students whose first language is not English


We have a dedicated careers adviser –Joanna Greatwich - based
in Careers, Room 30

You can talk to Joanna about: your choices, next steps, Higher and
other study, what career might suit you, voluntary and work experience ,
finding work, CV’s, interview skills, and how to find out for yourself.

Joanna runs an appointment service and drop ins through the week.

1)   Guidance in 30 minute appointments  (sign up on the list on the Careers Office door)

2)   Drop-in help for quickquestions/ to book further ahead  (usually11-11.30am
Mon, Tues, Weds, Thurs, 9.30-11am Fri)