Applications for entry in 2014

Applying to Woodhouse for Year 12 entry

The on-line application will go live directly after our Open Day.

Direct Offers

Each year we make "Direct Offers" to students whose school report is excellent, whose predicted grades are very high, and whose intended course seems sensible and coherent.

The interview will last about 20 minutes. We will ask you questions about your interests and aspirations as well as exploring the subjects you wish to study.

After the Interview
We will inform you by the end of April whether we can offer you a place. If we make you a conditional offer we will tell you in writing what GCSE/IGCSE grades you will need to get in order to qualify for that place.

Selection Guidelines
The information below is a guide as to how we select for interview and make offers to applicants. Please be aware that these are minimum criteria. In recent years the College has been severely oversubscribed and we cannot guarantee to interview all students even if they meet these criteria. Subjects also have their own individual criteria - see course guides.

Criteria used when selecting you for interview include:
• Your academic potential
• Journey time to Woodhouse College
• Your school report and predicted grades
• Your participation in extra curricular activities
Not all of those who are offered an interview will be offered a place

Minimum Criteria:
1. At least a GCSE or IGCSE Grade B in English Language and Grade C in Mathematics.
2. At least the average GCSE/IGCSE score specified for your particular programme of courses
3. A or B grades in subjects needed for your particular programme.
Please check individual course guides for further information.

Programme Minimum Average GCSE/IGCSE Score: (to include all full GCSEs/IGCSEs)
5 AS courses in the first year 7.0
4 AS courses in the first year 6.0

It may be the case that we make conditional offers to students with lower average GCSE/IGCSE scores than students who might have been put on the Waiting List; this is because the demand for certain subjects is more competitive .

Average GCSE/IGCSE Score: (Based on A*=8, A=7, B=6, C=5 etc)
Note that only GCSE/IGCSE courses count towards the average score, not other types of qualification.
If we make you a conditional offer but you do not achieve the grades that we asked for, then we can look again at your course and possibly arrange an alternative, but we cannot guarantee that alternative places will be available.

If you are at a school in the UK that doesn’t follow the GCSE/IGCSE curriculum please call the admission office on 020 8492 8280 for advice on how to complete the application form.

If you have any queries about Admissions, please contact the Admissions Office on 020 8492 8280.
See our admissions appeals procedure here.
Applying to Woodhouse for Year 13 entry
Each year we take a few students who wish to complete their A Levels at our College. These are students that get at least a grade C in the subjects that they wish to study and have an acceptable interview. Sometimes we cannot accommodate your requests because we do not have enough space – we will not know this until our own students finalise their choices which often doesn’t happen until after the AS results are known.

If you wish to be considered you will need to complete a Direct Entry to A2 application form and send it to our exams manager. You can download an application form here.

The first stage of the application process is to check that your subjects are suitable to transfer to our awarding bodies. There are no deadline dates for Year 13 entry but the earlier you get this form to us the quicker we can tell you whether transfer is possible. We will let you know if your subjects are transferable in principle.

The second stage is to contact us once you have your AS results. You must have achieved at least a grade C in the three subjects you wish to study. We only have full time students.  We will call people in for interview during the last week of August and if we feel Woodhouse is the right place for you and we have space we will offer you a place to start on the 28th August.