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Applications for entry in 2015

Applications for entry in 2015
Year 12 entry
Selection Guidelines
The information below is a guide as to how we select for interview and make offers to applicants. These are minimum criteria. In recent years the College has been severely oversubscribed and we cannot guarantee to interview all students even if they meet these criteria. Subjects also have their own individual criteria.

Criteria used when selecting you for interview:
• Your academic potential, measured through predicted GCSE grades and school report
• Journey time to Woodhouse College: this should be under 75 minutes by public transport. Attendance and behaviour record, as per school report
• Your participation in extra-curricular activities
• Subject combination applied for

Not all of those who are offered an interview will be offered a place

Minimum Criteria for interview:
1. At least a GCSE Grade B in English Language and Grade C in Mathematics.
2. At least the average GCSE score specified for your particular programme of courses
3. A or B grades in subjects needed for your particular programme.

Minimum Average Predicted GCSE Score:
5 AS courses in the first year: 7.0
4 AS courses in the first year: 6.5
Average GCSE Score: (Based on A*=8, A=7, B=6, C=5 etc)

Note that only GCSE/IGCSE courses count towards the average score, not other types of qualification.

Students must be no older than 17 years on date 31/8/15. Preference will be given to applicants who are no older than 16 years on date 31/8/15.

Some subject combinations are more heavily over-subscribed than others, and the College reserves the right to offer interviews and places in order to fill all its places efficiently. The college may interview students in under subscribed subjects where the average predicted GCSE score is under 6.0.

The minimum average actual GCSE score for admittance to the College is 6.0.

The interview will last about 20 minutes. The interviewer will ask questions about a student’s interests and aspirations as well as exploring the subjects s/he wishes to study. The interviewer will grade a student’s application according to the following criteria on the basis of the interview, the application and the school report:

• Academic Ability
• Quality of behaviour
• Contribution

Journey time is also graded and is measured by TFL route planner.

The subject combination will also be taken into account when the College is deciding on offers. Students will be informed by the end of April whether they are offered a place conditional on their GCSE results.

If a student does not achieve the grades asked for, it may be possible to offer an alternative, but this cannot be guaranteed.

Applying to Woodhouse for Year 13 entry
Each year the College takes a few students who wish to complete the second year of their A Levels at the College. These are students that have achieved at least a grade C at AS Level in the subjects that they wish to study and have an acceptable interview. The College will not know whether there is any space until after until its own students finalise their A2 choices after the AS results are published. 

Students not currently living in the UK
The College does not charge fees to any student who is between 16-18 years of age and who is a child of a person who:

• Has an European Union passport or
• Is settled in the United Kingdom

Please note that Woodhouse College is not registered with the UK border agency and thus will not be able to consider overseas students.

We give priority to students who currently reside in the North London Area. No interviews are conducted over the phone, nor are places given without an interview or attending the direct offer evening so students must be in the UK and available for interview in February or March  of the year in which they wish to start their studies.
For any student who is not studying for GCSE/IGCSE/O Levels or Intermediate Baccalaureate you will need to get a Statement of Comparability from UK NARIC (National Recognition Information Centre for the UK). This states what an overseas qualification equates to in the UK and will tell us whether you have the right level of qualifications.

The Appeals Process

An appeal may be made at any point in the Admissions process:

• Should an applicant not be selected for interview
• Should an applicant be dissatisfied with the interview itself or with the outcome of the interview.
• Should the applicant not meet the College’s Conditional Offer.

Stage One: The applicant or the applicant’s parent/carer should contact College Admissions in writing outlining their concerns and the issues they wish the College to address.  This would be dealt with either by the Director of Student Services or by the Director of Business Operations who will jointly review the selection procedure/ the interview process or other relevant information. They will then contact the applicant or their parent/carer to discuss their findings by telephone within two working weeks of receiving the Appeal.

Stage Two: If the applicant is not satisfied with the explanation given or the outcome of stage one, the applicant or parent/carer should write a formal letter to the Vice Principal, who will investigate the appeal.  The Vice Principal will review the steps taken by the Directors in Stage One, contact the applicant and their parents/carers should any clarification be necessary and respond to the appeal in writing within eight working days.

Stage Three: Should the applicant and their parents be dissatisfied with the outcomes of stage two, the parents/carers must contact the Principal in writing. The Principal will review the documentation from stage one and stage two and discuss the steps taken with the Vice Principal.  He may also meet with the Applicant and their parent/carer. The Principal will put his decision in writing and this would be sent the Applicant’s parents/carers within ten working days. The Principal’s decision is final.

NB: Working days are defined for the purpose of this procedure as week days during the College term.