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biology computer science
Woodhouse College
biology computer science

Progression From Year 12 to Year 13 (AS to A2)

1. A student wishing to progress to a programme of 3 A2 courses will be able to do so if s/he achieves at least a grade D in each of the three subjects.

2. Exceptionally, when a student fails to achieve a grade D or higher in a subject where the teacher had expected him/her to achieve a good pass grade, the department concerned will have the discretion to accept him/her onto the A2 course.

3. Some students may wish to continue with four subjects at A2. Students achieving a mix of As and Bs at AS level will usually be allowed to continue with four courses.

4. If a student intends to apply for a re-mark of an AS result, the College will apply these guidelines on the basis of the grade initially awarded, and will not guarantee to reconsider its decision in the light of any changed result, depending on timing. 
5. An unacceptable record of lateness, low attendance or poor behaviour will result in disciplinary action and may be the basis for exclusion from the second year.