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Yuhong Wang
Yuhong Wang
Yuhong Wang came to Woodhouse from Greig City Academy and lives in Haringey. She studied art, psychology and English language at A level and graduated in 2018 with A*BB. She is currently at the University of Oxford studying Fine Art.
She spoke to us during her second year of A levels... 
“I came to Woodhouse because of the art department. I was impressed with the quality of the work on show and the studio was so big and brightly lit. I really liked the environment… the feeling that the space gave me.
You work more independently here, you have to research more. My technique and skills have definitely improved and I am more able to make the ideas in my mind tangible, I can express myself better. The student’s art work up on the walls has been a real inspiration for me to work harder and harder.
At the beginning of the course we were introduced to a range of media - pencil drawing, charcoal drawing, ink, batik, acrylic paint… Batik was new to me and I enjoyed it, It’s quite differentto other ways I’ve worked but it’s actually a really good medium. I also like print making and we did a lot of poly tile printing. We used charcoal in a big way on big paper and now I like to work and paint bigger and bigger. If you work with charcoal on big paper you can move your body around, it’s very physical.
Every time I have a question or something that I don’t understand our teachers give us prompts to help with our ideas or they suggest artists for us to look at. The teachers are very open and friendly, and they encourage you. Art is quite independent, but we get a lot of support, definitely.
There are a lot of books in the art library and every time I want to research an artist I can always find a book in there.It’s amazing that we have a whole library and computer suite just for art. I use the computers to research and print out materials (we also have an amazing colour printer) and I use Photoshop quite a bit.
I have attended a lot of gallery tours on my own and with the art department - The National Gallery, National Portrait Gallery, The Wallace Collection… Our class went to the RA Summer Exhibition which was amazing. Woodhouse provides so many opportunities, like last year we went on a trip to London Metropolitan University to do a jewellery workshop which really changed my view on what art and jewellery can be.
I did a lot of extra work last summer. I attended the UCL summer challenge to do life drawing for five Tuesdays, and I learned a lot -the college sent me that link. I also went to UCL fine art summer school and studied art history in Cambridge. Plus, I took part in activities provided by galleries - like drawing groups.
I’m not sure yet of exactly what I want to do next year but I’m applying to study fine art and for art foundation I will stay in London and maybe get a place at Central St Martins. But I am also applying to Oxford to study fine art – I am not sure if I want to go there, but I am interested in applying to see how they respond. I hadn’t really thought about Oxbridge before, but as soon as I got to Woodhouse they were talking about it and it made me think ‘Yeah, maybe…’
I wasn’t always sure about taking an art route next year, but after our art trip tp London Met. and meeting the jewellery artist Zoe Robinson… That was the first time that I’d heard an artist talk about their work with such vibrancy - she was inspirational.
I’ve done many activities outside of Art at Woodhouse too. I took debate for enrichment and it was great to see other Woodhouse students be really confident and able to express their thoughts. It’s something I want to learn and have done to a degree. I’ve become more independent, especially in how I carry out my projects in art. I think I am more creative and have kind of matured.
I also volunteer in the main library here at Woodhouse helping to put the books away, checking the laptops in and out, and covering the books.
I took the Duke of Edinburgh Silver Award because I really like the outdoors, and this was a great opportunity to challenge myself and was a good experience. The walking was ok – my pack was heavy, but my team were really supportive and we all kept checking if we were ok. It was a great team.
I even did boxing here for ten weeks. We weren’t actually fighting in the ring but going through all the steps and training that boxers do. I developed determination and stamina and it was really great.
I would definitely recommend the Woodhouse art department. Even though we have quite a few classes, the teachers really know us as individuals. The studios are so light and spacious that I can’t resist going there, and you can use them anytime, there’s always room for you to work.”
Since this interview Yuhong has been offered a place at Oxford University to study fine art.