Student comments

These are anonymous unsolicited comments from our end of year survey in response to the question 'Any Other Comments'. Some are AS and some A2 students.
  • I have loved Woodhouse, and I am very glad that I decided to move here!
  • No. Will miss Wh
  • Many opportunities through the college to grow as an individual - Thank you
  • Thanks for a great 2 years :-)
  • It's a lovely college and I'm sad to be leaving. Amongst the people I know at college, it's a common belief that coming to Woodhouse was the best decision of their life so far. Coming here isn't just learning in our subjects but amongst other passionate students you learn so much about the world and about your own views in such a short space of time. A wonderful liberal college that gives you so many opportunities and where everyone fits in. Wouldn't change anything about my time here except to wish that we could stay for longer
  • I think Woodhouse is awesome and one of the most diverse and accepting places I have ever been, I feel privileged to have studied here.
  • Couldn't be any happier with Woodhouse College! :D
  • Woodhouse College is the best thing that's happened to me (so far in life) lovely teachers great friends and two years to remember!
  • Thank you very much for an amazing 2 years here
  • The college has been wonderful, thanks for everything
  • There are people in Woodhouse who are leading our generation into being more accepting, woke and socially aware than any previous generation - and that is an understatement.
  • Had an amazing first year at Woodhouse, thanks for being so welcoming and helpful
  • Lovely staff!!
  • Woodhouse is an absolutely positive experience, and the level of personal care and interest in students' well-being and academic development is beyond any expectation I may have had