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Teen Spirit at Woodhouse

Dated: 20 February 2012

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Teen Spirit is a group of Woodhouse students who are part of the Envision programme. Here is an account by one of the team of their recent activities on Valentine's Day. Find out more about by visiting http://www.facebook.com/TeenSpiritGroup or follow them at @TeenSpiritGroup
Today, on the 14th of February (otherwise known as Valentine’s Day) we hit the streets of London armed with 700 red handcrafted wooden roses, each individually tied with one of our business cards prepared to give them out to anyone and everyone walking the streets. All money used was fund-raised by us with any left over going to charity.
Members of the public were overjoyed to be given a rose on Valentine’s Day; one said 'this is probably the only rose I'm going to get given today' and couldn't express enough gratitude towards us:) That's really what we aim to do.. Just make people happy!

In reality, we're just a group of teenagers who care about the public and don't want to be portrayed as delinquent juveniles! It's the minority that are creating such a negative view on teens and we need to change that … no amount of money will help change people’s perceptions of us teenagers, they need to see us out and about, doing good things for the local communities and the public in general. Today just made me so glad to be a teenager; everyone in central London had a rose and a big grin on their faces…regardless of age, gender or race.. Everybody loves to feel special on Valentine’s Day and that was our mission, to spread the love in London Town :D
TeenSpirit are: Camilia Amrani-Chtiar, Chandni Tailor, Daniela Caicedo Ramirez, Gemma Astarita, Helen Archer, Karishma Patel, Riya Sachdev, Shenal Gohil, Simi Kapadia, Sophia Stephanou, Yasemin Alpdogan, Yasmin Shah

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