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Woodhouse College
Apply now Results 2018

Code of conduct for students

Code of Conduct (2018-2019)

The College expects students to adopt a mature and professional approach to their studies and their general conduct around the College. We expect students to abide by this Code of Conduct.

1. Dress in a manner that is appropriate for an academic environment.
2. Treat all members of the College community with respect and courtesy.
3. Be ambassadors for the College in the local area: be courteous and polite to members of the local community.
4. Respect the facilities, books and resources provided to assist you in your studies.
5. Comply with the College’s IT policy.
6. Follow the College’s health and safety policy and be mindful of the safety of yourself and others. Alert College staff if you are aware of potential risks to yourself or others.
7. Wear your College ID visibly at all times when on the campus.
8. Switch off phones and store them out of sight in class, unless by permission of the teacher.
9. Be available for college work and activities Monday-Friday from 9 until 4.15. Not take on part time work or other regular commitments without college permission during this time. Where possible avoid appointments during this time.

1. Bring non-students onto the College campus. Any visitors must be taken to check in at reception. If you are aware of any unauthorised visitors, you must report this to a member of staff.
2. Drop or leave litter around the College campus.
3. Smoke or use e-cigarettes on any part of the College campus including immediately outside the College entrances.
4. Bring alcohol onto the College premises or be under the influence of alcohol at any time during the College day.
5. Drive any motorised vehicles onto the College campus unless by permission.
6. Be in possession of any bladed articles, offensive weapons or firearms.
7. Be in possession of illegal substances or bring such substances onto the College campus.
8. Be under the influence of illegal drugs, legal highs or any other non-prescribed psychoactive substances.
9. Engage in any violent or threatening behaviour.
10. Bully, harass or discriminate against any member of the College community.
11. Use College facilities to send or view any obscene, offensive or illegal material.
12. Behave in a manner, within or outside College, that may bring the College into disrepute.  This includes any criminal or antisocial behaviour. 

If you fail to observe any aspect of the Code of Conduct or associated policies, the College’s disciplinary procedures may be implemented.