Woodhouse Plus is our extensive and diverse extracurricular programme, offering a wide range of additional courses you can take alongside your A levels. You can build your skills, build your career or build your qualifications.
These courses are designed to develop skills you can use in a range of situations. Employers always seek people who can do things well, whether it is teamwork, solving problems, listening or organising.
Types of courses offered in recent years have included:
Hunting for Planets Use your computer skills to hunt for planets.
Debating / mock trials Learn how to debate, build strong arguments and spot how people try to persuade you.
Part-time work Register your part-time work and use this time to develop your employability skills.
Musical theatre Contribute to a musical production and learn performance, management and team skills.
Creative courses Creative writing, gardening and wellbeing, air dry clay, drawing academy, Online publication workshop.
Choir/Orchestra Be part of the woodhouse choir/orchestra
MS Office Skills Improve your MS Excel and word skills
Student Investors Students work in teams to invest a virtual amount of money in a share portfolio of FTSE companies
Maths Mentoring Share your expertise by mentoring GCSE students who are learning maths.
UK Linguistics Olympiad Be coached in all things linguistic so that you can enter this prestigious competition.
Event Organisation Work together to organise the Woodhouse Talent Show
This is for you if you already know the direction you want to head in after Woodhouse. It includes courses designed to make your career choice more accessible to you. You will learn about the area you are interested in, the range of possible careers and how to access top degree courses.
Medicine Academy Learn how to get onto medicine courses and become a doctor.
Art / Architecture Academy Develop the portfolio you need to access art or architecture courses for a creative career.
Chemistry Academy Learn how scientists think by devising and carrying out experiments.
Maths Academy Develop your maths or physics problem solving at the highest levels so you can compete with the best.
Oxbridge Academy Build your intellect and capacity to apply successfully for the most demanding university courses.
Law Academy Develop your understanding of legal career possibilities and equip yourself to apply for them as well as law degrees.
History Academy Develop your skills as a critical historian by immersing yourself in some of the past’s deepest questions.
Career Ready (business) Follow a programme supported by employers which includes visits, mentoring, workshops and an internship.
Biology Olympiad Challenges and stimulates students with an interest in biology to expand and extend their talents.
These are additional courses that you can study alongside your A levels. Maybe you want to learn about something very individual so might consider the EPQ. Maybe you would like to take a high level online course, or challenge yourself by doing the Duke of Edinburgh Award.
EPQ (Extended Project Qualification) Design and research a project on more or less anything that is interesting and that takes you into ‘new territory’.
MOOC Take a Massive Open Online Course. There are thousands to choose from.
Duke of Edinburgh (Silver or Gold) Develop in a rounded way through volunteering, physical activity and the famous expedition.
A fourth A level If you are already taking four subjects, this counts for Woodhouse Plus and you would not be expected to do more… but you can.
Improve your grade at GCSE Maths Maths may not be your first love, but this is chance to get expert tuition and try to improve on your GCSE grade to strengthen future applications.