Woodhouse has a long tradition of inviting guest speakers onto campus, to inform and inspire our students. That’s why we set up Speaker’s Corner, a program run by a dedicated staff member and students, who select and invite high profile speakers that have cross-college appeal.
(L-R) Singer Feargal Sharkey, Guardian journalist Ann Perkins and human rights campaigner Peter Tatchel
Over the years we have had many names from the world of politics - MPs Mike Freer, Nick Bowles, George Galloway, John Macdonald, to name but a few. Also many journalists such as Robert Peston, Peter Hitchens and Martin Lewis.
 Student Hillary Boye Doku (L) with David Bodanis, author and Oxford University lecturer
Student Hillary Boye Doku on Speakers Corner…
“As I reflect over my time in the College thus far, I feel it is important to highlight the impact that Speakers Corner has had on the Woodhouse Community. We are fortunate enough to have hosted many respected guests, from a vast variety of sectors, who have enlightened us as students about the work they have gone on to do.
I am sure I speak on behalf on everyone who attended when I reinforce our gratitude to the College for organising these Speakers Events and offering us all exposure to such a broad range of careers. The consensus I gained from attending almost all the talks in 21/22 was that you can evolve and change your interests despite your initial plans - the subjects you choose at A level should never make you feel boxed into a career route, as employers are willing and excited to embrace diversified employees. The trajectory of every speaker’s career was unpredictable and sometimes volatile, perhaps even accidental. So long as you keep yourself open minded and embrace the wide range of opportunities the College provides, there is no doubt that your employability and therefore success in working environments will be amplified.”
  As part of the 2022 Schools’ Partnership, Woodhouse College was visited by two Longford Scholars. Warren and Kyle accompanied Longford Trust director Peter Stanford and his team to discuss prison reform.
“I would strongly encourage all Woodhouse students to embrace the Speakers Corner talks next term as we draw closer to the UCAS process (and consequently our careers.) Many of our Speakers have highlighted the value of degree apprenticeships, including both of our alumni speakers who did not technically attend university. Recent speaker, Tooba Siddiqui, found her route to her current career fortuitously after finding a leaflet in our Career’s Office! Aisha Adesanya, and the Careers Advisors are another method of exposure, but asking friends and family, even networking through student societies, is a powerful tool in getting your foot in a door- even if you cannot yet comprehend what is on the other side. Through the Careers Newsletter, and Career Ready Program, I have been able to secure a 3-week internship in the international trading group Euronext, work experience with the Financial Times, and secure a place in the prestigious Amos Bursary Scholar programme which has further expanded my understanding of the working world. It is a testament to the idea that you do not have to be the most polished or professional person to build a sturdy foundation.”