Woodhouse College
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Additional Learning Support (ALS)

What is ALS?
Additional Learning Support (ALS) is part of our policy of providing an excellent range of support services for students to facilitate the best possible learning environment.  ALS is extra help available to any student who has a different or additional learning need.

Some examples could be:
A student with a slight hearing loss in one ear: they may need to have a means of recording some class work.

A student with a severe hearing loss: they may need to have a one to one British Sign Language communicator with them to interpret for the student/teacher in class and across College.

A student with a slight physical difficulty may need to use a laptop in College and have extra time/writer in exams.

A student with a severe physical difficulty (e.g. may use wheelchair): could have personal care needs and have one to one support across College and in exams.

A student with a specific learning difficulty e.g. dyslexia, dyspraxia: is likely to receive some one-to-one teaching sessions with a specialist teacher and could be eligible for the provision of some specialist resources and additional examination time.

A student with a medical condition, which affects their learning (e.g. epilepsy, diabetes): may be offered some additional one-to-one teaching and rest breaks in exams if appropriate.

A student who misses College through an illness or accident may be offered some additional individual time either by a subject or a specialist teacher. Could be eligible for additional time in one series of exams.
How do students make their additional educational needs known?
Initially on the application form – students are asked to disclose if they have any special circumstances which could affect their learning. This will not affect their chances of coming to Woodhouse.

In the first few days at Woodhouse the students will be asked if they have any special circumstances or medical conditions which the college could help to support.

By referral of personal tutors, subject tutors and senior tutors.

By self-referral of students

What can Additional Learning Support offer the student?
Additional one-to-one or small group support in areas such as study skills, time-management or specific learning difficulties.

Training in specific IT software.

Liaison with home, and with personal, subject or senior tutors if necessary.

Access to specialist resources.

An assessment for a specific learning difficulty e.g. dyslexia.

A referral for assessment to an outside agency.

The opportunity to reach their full academic potential whilst at Woodhouse College.