Choosing what to study at Woodhouse

Woodhouse College will provide you with a broad and challenging educational experience that meets your individual needs and aspirations.
  • Most students study three A level subjects. A few will take four subjects. A levels are two-year courses, and students no longer drop a subject when they go into Year 13. 
  • Universities are interested only in three A level grades, and there is no advantage in taking four subjects. The only exception to this is a few of the medical schools. 
  • A level Further Maths is only available as part of a four A level combination which includes Maths and Further Maths.  This is at least until a point where teachers, student and parents are in agreeement that the student's best interests may allow the dropping of a subject.
  • As part of ‘Woodhouse Plus’, students will have the option of a number of other courses, some of which (like the extended project) lead to qualifications. 
At the end of the first year students will take internal exams in each of their subjects . Progression into the second year will be dependent upon attendance, behaviour and academic progress.