Parental Consent for Short Duration Local Visits

During the course of each academic year Woodhouse College organises a wide range of activities away from the College for its students.
In most cases, one or more of the following will apply:
  • The visit lasts for no longer than one day
  • The venue visited is within the Greater London area
  • The venue is easily accessible by public transport
  • The activities at the venue are usually supervised by College staff but there may be events where this is not the case.
In some cases, students will travel as a group from the College to and from the venue, but in other cases it is more practical to expect students to make their own way unsupervised to and from the visit venue by public transport.
The College has a duty to ask parents / guardians of students to give their consent to any visit. In order to save both you and the College the inconvenience of requesting consent separately for each visit, we would like to ask you to give your consent for all such short duration local visits, as defined in this letter.  If you do not wish for your son/daughter to attend external visits organised by the College, then please email
We will continue to ask for your consent separately for all visits that do not fall into this category.