Careers support

Careers Manager - Rachel Foster
tel: 020 8445 1210 
Woodhouse Sixth Form College is committed to outstanding career guidance. We pride ourselves on providing effective careers guidance that inspires students to make informed decisions regarding higher education, apprenticeships and employment. The College aims to help students to develop knowledge and understanding about the world of work and what employability skills are required in today’s society.
Student Entitlement
All students in the college will take part in courses that have CEIAG embedded in the programme, this will help them understand their career options and encourage them to reach their full potential in the progression to Higher Education or employment.
The programme will enable students to:
  • Develop the skills they need to plan and manage their own personal development
  • Experience the world of work through experiences of the workplace; work placement, insight event, volunteering, part time work or employer talks
  • Be given direct access to employers, training providers and Higher Education institutions
  • Identify their transferable skills required for the world of work and HE
  • Receive high quality face-to-face information, advice and guidance
  • Receive high quality resources that will help their career decision-making and planning
  • Be given personal support with their applications to HE or Employment
  • To feedback their views on the quality of the careers programme
Personal 1-1 guidance and advice
Woodhouse College, as part of its stable, established Careers service, employs a fully qualified full time Careers Guidance practitioner, the Careers Advisor, who delivers: Personal 1-1 guidance meetings, and gives Individual advice and information (IAG) in person and by email to students, parents and staff.
This help and advice can include any of the following topics: careers decision making and planning, progression to university, further training, work, or apprenticeships, application processes and tactics, dealing with predicted grades and results, planning gap years, CVs, student finance, employability skills, finding work experience and volunteering, and how to research for yourself.
Every student is offered at least one 1-1 careers meeting for impartial advice and guidance during their time at the college, which can be scheduled by the student via the booking system. Students can also access careers information and advice during drop sessions which take place two afternoons each week.
Parents can also contact the Careers Advisor for advice and guidance.
This help and advice can include any of the following topics:
  • Careers decision making and planning
  • Progression to university
  • Further training, work, or apprenticeships
  • Application processes and tactics
  • Dealing with predicted grades and results
  • Planning gap years
  • CVs
  • Student finance
  • Employability skills
  • Finding work experience
  • Volunteering
More details about our career support programme and how we meet the Gatsby Benchmarks (the recognised framework for good career guidance) can be found in the downloadable document below.