UCAS Predicted Grade Policy Statement

Predicted grades will be made for the purposes of university (UCAS) applications towardsthe end of the summer term. These will be based on the student’s performance during theirfirst year of Alevel study. The predicted grade will be heavily influenced by the student’sattainment in the end of year exams, which take place in the summer term, but it will also draw on the student’sperformance in other assessments throughout the first year.
Departments will use this performance data to assess a student’s potential. Predictedgrades will be somewhat optimistic, assuming a certain degree of improvement in the second year. It will be common for predicted grades to be one grade higher than performance in the first year. Departments will use professional judgment with integrity.
Departments will not base predicted grades on what students require to apply for a particular course or university.
Draft predicted grades will be published before the end of the summer term and students will be given the chance to have a one-to-one discussion with their teacher before these grades are settled.
Predicted grades will not be changed after the end of the summer term; predicted gradesare based on the first year’s performance, which is ample time for students to show theirpotential.
Where predicted grades are too low for a student to apply to a particular course or university, they will be advised either to readjust their sights or to aim to achieve their ambition through adjustment, clearing or a gap year.
Exceptional circumstances may pertain where students have been affected by significant illness or adverse personal circumstances. However, this will only apply in cases where there are circumstances known to the pastoral and/or safeguarding teams before the summer exams take place. In such cases, any appeals should be made to thesenior tutor.
October 2019
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