Art Observational Drawing Guidelines

Not studying Art and Design at GCSE OR Predicted grade 5 and below at GCSE
If you are applying for a place at Woodhouse College to study Art and you have not studied Art and Design at GCSE or you have been predicted grade 5 and below, you will need to submit examples of your work to the art department.
To assist with your portfolio submission, we have listed the the areas we would like you to concentrate; kindly view the Art observational guidlelines below:
Your Art Work:
We would like to see 5 examples of your work that will show us that you could cope with the course and more importantly, that the course is the right one for you.
We are looking for:
• 2 observational drawings from objects that are in front of you (not copies from books or other images).
• 2 drawings that can be from photographs or other images.
• An image (printed out) of an artwork by another artist with a few sentences about what you see in the artwork and why you chose it
Art Medium:
Your can work in any medium – pencil, charcoal, fine liner, paint – but try to show tone in some way.
When drawing, try to find objects which interest you and that have enough lines or shapes to challenge you and allow you to show tone.
Some possible objects that will challenge you:
Old shoes, bottles, a glass of water with a spoon or pencil in it, shells, skulls, fruit or vegetable cut up to show interesting insides (ie; a pepper), an orange partly peeled, beads, jewellery, a dented drink can. But you can choose anything!
NB. After viewing your art work, the Head of Art will determine whether you are suitable for A level Art. The Art department do not have any influence on whether or not you are offered a place at Woodhouse.
We will contact you directly via email to confirm the date for when the art portfolio should be submitted.