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Mathemagician Vists Woodhouse

Dated: 27 February 2012

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On Thursday afternoon, a large crowd of Woodhouse students gathered in the hall to hear ‘mathemagician’ Peter McOwan talk about his work which links illusions and magic, and maths and computer programming. He demonstrated his tricks with vanishing cards, invisible palms, and disappearing people and then revealed some of the secrets behind them to awestruck students. As Professor of Maths and Computing at Queen Mary’s College, he has tutored PHD student investigating the way the human brain works and processes information. He used their findings to play versions of ‘spot the difference’ games, where he knew exactly how students would respond. He showed us how our brain influenced our eyes to enable us to see optical illusions and the effect of how we think, on our perception of colour. He also demonstrated a trick by which he was able to ‘mind-read’ and tell whether or not a student was lying based on a formula which foretold the order of his cards. It was really fascinating to see and learn about, for students and teachers alike. He advertised his website and videos on YouTube to student who wanted to learn more of his tricks.


The Piano Trick: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IICrrKEgWpo&feature=related


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