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Woodhouse Trip to Cern

Dated: 7 March 2012

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CERN scientist: "Have you learnt about dark matter in your lessons yet?" Woodhouse student: "I've dreamed about it!"

 Our recent trip to CERN in Geneva, Switzerland (i.e. Disneyland for physics students) was in so many ways enlightening and inspiring!

 CERN is a European Organization for Nuclear Research - the world’s centre of excellence for particle physics - which hosts various experiments, including the famous Large Hadron Collider. One can certainly feel the excitement of a coming celebration: the most significant discovery of the century so far – the detection of the elusive Higgs particle, which gives mass to everything in the Universe!   

 “I feel so ashamed of myself, because I just want to abandon astronomy altogether and convert to particle physicist now!” said another Woodhouse student.

 It is also a birthplace of the World Wide Web, the first ever creation of antihydrogen atoms and faster-than-light neutrinos (yet to be confirmed)!

 We also visited the assembly site for supermagnets, where science is pushing industry to the edge to produce the most advanced scientific equipment.

All in all, it was 150% worth getting up at 3am in the morning! But don’t blame us for surprisingly low math’s mock results.

One does not simply revise C4 on a plane!  


Gleb Lukicov                                                                                        A2 Physics student

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