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International Women's Day at City Hall

Dated: 9 March 2012

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The 8th of March was the International Women’s Day. In honour of the occasion, Jennet Arnolds, Chair of the London Assembly held a networking event for successful women across London. The event took place at the City Hall, and from Woodhouse among those who attended were Ms. Anna Finn, Krishna Halai, Stephanie Ifayemi, Silvia Nwosu, Farida Ahmed, Jenna Fidai, Emily May Bak and Saima Azam. There were several politically active women in attendance, including the Lord of Chelsea, Ambassador of Panama, the Mayor of Southwest London and the Lord Mayor  to name a few.

The evening proceeded with the classic mingling and networking. Then some speakers gave inspirational and motivating addresses. Woodhouse College’s very own Farida Ahmed took to the stage and gave a speech, saying how it was amazing for so many influential women to be in the same room as her and how we women together can really make a difference.

Overall the evening was a great success: Woodhouse students had the opportunity to introduce themselves to some of the most important women of London and had the opportunity to discover how they got to where they are today. The speakers encouraged women to use the assets they have, to be focused and look good. That passion and energy will always win out over money. Not to wait for doors to open for you, because in today’s world no one will help you. And there is nothing wrong with being normal, it just means you won’t have explored your full potential.

This event is the first step to increasing awareness about female power throughout England. This event has got the ball rolling. Tonight was a celebration of women , their strive and dedication in fighting for rights they deserve. It reminded us of how far we have come as a gender in a male dominated world, re- informed the belief that anything we want we can achieve. But most importantly reminded us of how far we still have left to go but with a re sparkled faith that as women it can be done.

 Saima Azam

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