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Alistair Darling Visits Woodhouse

Dated: 30 April 2012

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As part of our revision programme for the A Level Politics exam we were delighted to welcome Alistair Darling M.P. He was Chancellor during the Economic Crisis 2008 and has published his book, Back from the Brink, on this issue. After a short explanation he spent 45 minutes answering our questions, generally in a non partisan way, and explained much about the banking problems which still remain today. He obtained permission from the whips to absent himself from the Commons on a busy Tuesday afternoon to come to talk to us, and was interested to see what our politics course entailed.

Mr Darling gave an impassioned defence of Labour's term in office and the current economic slump under the Coalition. He argued against the recent Eurozone Fiscal Compact, suggesting it was impractical and marked the end of Keynesian stimulus at the times of recession. Darling felt the UK economic slump was down to the Coalition's inexperience and poor judgement and the economy needed a kickstart. We would like to thank Mr Darling for addressing our students, many of whom came brandishing a copy of his recent book and asked searching and inquisitive questions!

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