Woodhouse College

Woodhouse English students make Othello DVD

Dated: 28 May 2012

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In this adaptation of Shakespeare's play, Othello is a former boy soldier who has found asylum and approval in his adoptive country. Having married his fellow student, Desdemona, and graduated from Venice Academy with the highest praise and awards, Othello embarks on a new life at university, oblivious of the animosity of Iago, his friend from college, who has already begun to poison his marriage. The read-through was filmed at Woodhouse College on May 11th and May 16th 2012. Students and members of staff at the College read the roles or helped as part of the crew. Mario Pasquali directed the cameras, edited the film and composed the music. Margery Gretton edited the script, organised the filming and attempted to direct the scenes.

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