Extended Project Qualification

Exam Board

Additional Entry Requirements

None. No need to apply on application form. Anyone can decide to start an EPQ after starting courses at Woodhouse.

Course Content

Why EPQ?
The level 3 extended project qualification – EPQ – helps students become ‘hands-on’ researchers and is excellent preparation for university. It is worth half an A level and the subject you choose is completely up to you. You might want to deepen your knowledge of an A level subject or choose something which sits outside of your academic subjects altogether. Some students research and write academic essays – a bit like mini-dissertations – while others complete product projects such as short novels, films, inventions or designs.
If you choose the EPQ, we will teach you how to plan, research and complete your project.You will develop your presentation and evaluation skills too.
Examples of product projects:
  • To what extent did Fred Goodwin contribute to the collapse of RBS in 2008?
  • How women betray and are betrayed by the patriarchy in Greek tragedy.
  • Does rule by philosopher kings work?
  • How is climate change affecting the frequency and distribution of malaria and other tropical diseases?
  • To what extent does music therapy help the symptoms of dementia in the elderly?
Examples of artefacts
  • Exploring aerodynamic effects - via the construction of a wind tunnel.
  • An artistic celebration of the achievements in modern physics.
  • Creating an effective acoustic levitator.
  • Planning and writing a YA novella using a mixture of genres.
Wren Academy
“My EPQ is a dissertation entitled ‘To what extent does generative grammar explain this juncture of human language.’
Doing the EPQ allows me to understand what independent research and dissertation writing is really like, as it’s fundamental to university study.
There’s help from my EPQ supervisors, who I can email anytime with questions. They read through my drafts and give me extremely helpful, detailed, specific and practical notes.
At Woodhouse there’s more of a sense that you are a young adult with responsibilities. You have the breathing space to structure and organise your own way of working.”