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Further Mathematics

Examining board - Edexcel
Additional course entry requirements:
Grade 8 in GCSE mathematics and grade 5 in English language.
NB.Further Maths can only be taken as part of a 4 A level programme
NB.August Enrolment: Students who achieve GCSE Maths, grade 9 in August, will be permitted to study Further Maths as part of a 3 A level programme. 
Why further mathematics?
This is a challenging qualification which both extends and deepens your knowledge and understanding beyond standard A level mathematics. It identifies you as having excellent mathematical, problem solving and analytical skills.
You will develop the ability to work in a team, communicate effectively and show initiative. If you are planning to take a degree such as engineering, sciences, computing, finance/economics or especially maths itself, you will benefit enormously from taking this course, as it introduces new topics such as matrices and complex numbers that are vital in many STEM degrees. Indeed, some prestigious university courses require further maths.
We provide opportunities to hear from engaging speakers with mathematical backgrounds, both on site and at external lectures, in addition to trips to mathematical shows and events. We have an experienced team of enthusiastic teachers, who provide excellent support and inspiration to students.
Course content
You’ll develop and extend your understanding, apply skills learnt in a range of situations, and encounter new concepts, including topics such as matrices, complex numbers, differential equations and hyperbolic functions. In addition to the pure mathematics half of the course, there are options involving more mechanics (where you will study areas including circular motion, variable forces, energy and kinematics) or more statistics (where you will meet and interact with more advanced probability scenarios, statistical distributions and hypothesis testing), or decision mathematics (algorithms, linear programming and graph theory) or further pure.

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