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Grade 6 in GCSE history (if taken) and English language. Grade 6 in an essay writing subject (e.g. English literature, geography) if History not taken at GCSE

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Why history?
Studying history at Woodhouse will provide you with access to a fascinating and dynamic subject that deals with hard facts but varied and ever-changing perspectives. You’ll develop skills in written and oral communication, research, critical thinking, and evaluating both primary and secondary sources. You’ll work collaboratively with your peers inside and outside the classroom but also become an independent learner, equipped to cope with the rigorous demands of university study.
Many students go on to study history or a closely related degree course at Oxbridge and Russell Group universities. A good degree in history will allow you to pursue a high-powered career in various fields, such as the law, the media, the civil service and business. We provide many opportunities to listen to distinguished speakers, and various study trips are organised, including one to Berlin.
Course content
Britain in the 17th century was transformed by intense political and religious conflict that led to civil war, the execution of King Charles I, the abolition of the monarchy and the imposition of a military dictatorship under Oliver Cromwell.
The years after World War Two were defined by the Cold War, a prolonged ideological and diplomatic struggle between the USA and USSR which, in an age of nuclear weapons, at times threatened humanity’s very existence.
Before 1917, Russian emperors (or tsars) claimed to possess God-given authority. World War One created the revolutionary conditions that, in 1917, resulted in the overthrow of tsarism and the establishment of the world’s first Communist dictatorship under Lenin and his successor Stalin.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Why should I take History?

Take history if you love learning about the past, enjoy reading and formulating both verbal and written arguments.

Which universities do History students go on to?

Many students go on to study at Russell Group Universities, and the department has a good track record in getting students successfully into Oxbridge.

Are there any trips?

We usually run trips to study days for students to hear lectures first-hand from eminent historians. We have in the past run a residential trip to Berlin. We have looked into the feasibility of running a residential trip.

What extracurricular activities are run by the department?

The popular History Academy runs as part of Woodhouse Plus, and gives both history students and non-history students the opportunity to explore other periods and regions that are not covered on the A Level History curriculum. The department also offers a military modelling club.

How do you help those aspiring to Oxbridge?

We run a bespoke extracurricular group in the autumn term to help prepare students for the HAT and for the interview process. We also keep in touch with Woodhouse alumni currently studying at Oxbridge and put them in touch with our aspiring applicants.
“History is full of questions that have so many different answers. It’s about interpretation. Our teachers encourage us to discuss our arguments and try and make sense of events, to see them as part of a bigger picture.
A level is definitely more essay based but for me that’s why it’s more enjoyable. You can have your own opinion about what happened.
There’s a lot more independence at Woodhouse but you also have more freedom to control your time. Your activities and social life are not just regulated to breaks and lunch.”
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