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Examining board - AQA
Additional course entry requirements:
Grade 6 in English language and one other GCSE essay writing subject if law not taken (e.g. English literature, history, geography). Grade 5 in GCSE mathematics
Why law?
TThis course provides a proper insight into the realities of both a law degree and a career in the profession. A level law is not only for budding solicitors and barristers, it’s also popular with those seeking to enter the business or financial worlds and is highly regarded by universities.
Law is an empowering subject. Everyone should know how the legal system of their country works. Hopefully, you will never be charged with murder, but in your lifetime you may buy a property, make a Will, enter into a contract and sue or be sued! All of these things cease to be intimidating once you have studied law. You will learn to express yourself clearly both in writing and orally, and become capable of researching at a high level and arguing a case from all sides.
You’ll visit a magistrates’ court, Crown Court, High Court and the Supreme Court to see law in action. You will have the opportunity to hear outside speakers such as senior Crown prosecutors, and take part in a mock trial.
Course content
You’ll gain an understanding of both civil and criminal law and how they impact on our everyday lives. You’ll study the roles of magistrates, judges and juries in our society and learn how law is actually made by judges and by parliament. Law covers criminal offences such as ABH and GBH, murder and manslaughter, as well as self defence. In civil law you’ll be taught how to sue someone, learn about the Hillsborough tragedy, and what to do if your neighbour plays loud music all night. You’ll discuss the philosophy behind the law and question whether law can always, or ever, deliver justice. You will also learn about the Human Rights Act.

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