Woodhouse College

1.   All applications for the hire of any of the premises must be made through the Woodhouse College Finance/Lettings Officer including all subsequent enquiries and correspondence, and a booking form must be fully filled out and returned before hire commence.
2.   Woodhouse College currently uses an online booking system called school bookings. When a booking is made it will be input on the system and show as provisional. The hirer must log on to confirm their booking and check that all details are correct, the hirer will receive an automated email notification when a booking is processed. If there are any discrepancies please email lettings@woodhouse.ac.uk immediately. The hirer will only be allowed to use the facilities that have been booked and confirmed through the booking system. If a booking is not confirmed; then the hirer cannot use the facility.
3.    Bookings cancelled by the hirer within 48 working hour notice are entitled to a full refund (if paid in advance), if less than 48 hours’ notice has been given then the full charge of hire is due. Any changes are to be communicated to the Finance Officer ASAP via email only.
4.    The premises will be left clean and in good order. Access will not be granted for any hire other than the start time booked and the premises must be vacated no later than the time booked. The hirer shall replace any furniture/equipment they may have moved and shall not swap furniture around from other rooms.
5.    The hirer will not install, alter, remove, add or otherwise interfere with any fittings or appliances including the IT equipment without the prior approval of the college.
6.    The hirer shall pay to the College the cost of repair or replacement resulting from any loss or damage arising from the hiring however caused. Hirers shall ensure they have a policy of insurance to cover such liability up to at least £2 million – a copy of a current insurance certificate must follow your booking request. If you do not have your own insurance and wish to be included on the College’s insurance, please contact the Finance Officer who will provide you with details (please note an administration fee of 10% of your booking cost will apply).
7.    The hirer shall only use the accommodation for the purpose stated and shall have a designated person in charge at all times, that is aged 18 or over. This person must make themselves known to the caretaker on duty upon arrival at the College.
8.    The college will not be liable for any loss occasioned to the hirer as a result of breakdown of equipment, a failure in the supply of electricity, leakage of water, fire or explosion, a government restriction or weather related problems which may cause the premises to be temporarily closed or the hiring to be interrupted, curtailed or cancelled.
9.    A hirer must not sub-let to another party.
10.    No smoking is allowed on the College premises; this includes the use of e cigarettes and vapes.
11.    Advertising banners and posters are not allowed.
12.    Only water is allowed to be consumed in the Sport Hall and Dance Studios. Please remove any rubbish at the end of your hire.
13.    The wearing of footwear likely to cause damage to floors is forbidden. No preparations are to be applied to any floors. On the 3g pitch no studded footwear or blades allowed. Spectators are not allowed on the 3g pitch.
14.    Hirers will have access only to the particular room(s) let to them, including the use of washrooms and changing rooms if applicable. In no case is access permitted to any other part of the premises. Changing rooms are clearly marked male or female, please respect and use your designated changing room and washroom especially during busy periods.
15.    The hirer must remove all their property at the end of the hire. The College can accept no responsibility for any property left by the hirer or their representatives on the premises.
16.    Hirers must not play music which will infringe any copyright. (It will be a condition of any approval that any necessary license or authorisation has been obtained).
17.    The kitchen area is unavailable to hire, however we do allow outside food to be brought in and use of the hotplates to keep food warm in the dining room only. Hirers undertaking their own catering shall be responsible for:
      17.1 Cleaning all serveries, eating areas and disposing of all waste food and rubbish.
      17.2 Supplying their own tableware and glassware.
      17.3 Complying with all requirements of Health and Safety at Work and all Food and Hygiene Regulations.
      17.4 No cooking is allowed on the premises.
18.    The hirer shall not offend our neighbours by parking cars inappropriately. If necessary, the duty caretaker shall arrange for the offending cars to be removed. Please also pay attention to the 5mph speed limit whilst driving onto the college premises.
19.    In the interests on safety, all doors, entrances, corridors and exits must be kept clear and ready for use in an emergency. It is the responsibility of the hirer to inform all participants of the emergency exits and procedures in case of fire or other emergency.
20.    First Aid boxes are available from the caretaker.
21.    The College reserves the right to withdraw, without notice, permission to use the 3g pitch and any other facility when such is unfit for use.
22.    Any dispute on the use of College facilities or equipment shall be settled by the College Governors.
23.    The college has the right to refuse any application or withdraw permission for any letting at any time but will endeavour to give as much notice as possible; no payment, other than a refund of the paid fees will be made.
24.    The College reserves the right to refuse and/or cancel lettings without right of appeal if they should present the risk of reputational damage to the college. Similarly, the college retains the right to refuse letting organisations permission to use the name of the college on publicity materials even only as location if there is an identified reputational risk to the college.
25.    All Hirer’s must adhere to the College’s Health and Safety policy which can be found on the website.
26.    Failure to keep your account paid up to date will result in your hire being cancelled. Payments can be made in monthly instalments in advance. Invoices and credit notes are all stored on the booking system.
27.    Should the hirer be in breach of the terms and conditions at any time, the College can terminate the agreement immediately and any paid hire fee and deposit, will not be refunded.
28.    By booking the premises, the person making the booking is acknowledging and agreeing to adhere to all terms and conditions above for the use of the College premises.
The Principal reserves the right to revoke without notice any contract for the hire of College premises.
Child Protection
All external organisations who have participants under 18 years of age must read and confirm the following:
  • That my organisation has a Child Protection policy in which all relevant staff and volunteers are trained and which will be adhered to at all times.
  • That all staff and volunteers from your organisation will comply with this as necessary and appropriate.
  • That all relevant incidences will be reported to the Responsible Person at your organisation and Woodhouse College. 

Please upload a copy of your Child Protection policy to your portal account or email it to lettings@woodhouse.ac.uk
Please note that it is the responsibility of the hirer to ensure that all relevant staff/volunteers for children and young person’s activities have a valid DBS disclosure.
Woodhouse College cannot take responsibility for safeguarding arrangements for external lettings and hirers shall not imply any involvement or connection with the College in their advertising or communication with users/clients.

Reviewed: Nov 2018

Next review: Nov 2020

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