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History at Woodhouse
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History at Woodhouse
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Examining board - AQA
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Additional course entry requirements:
Grades 7+6 in GCSE combined  sciences or grade 7 physics, 6 biology and 6 chemistry (separate sciences). Grade 7 in GCSE mathematics. BTEC science is not a suitable entry qualification for this course.
Why physics?
Physics at A level is a subject for the curious, for those who ask the deepest questions about the universe but who also want to know about the workings of the physical world in everyday life.You’ll develop the ability to plan, implement, analyse and evaluate practical exercises. You’ll learn strategies for successful problem solving, and gain an understanding of the use of IT for analysis of results using Excel, data gathering and research. You’ll also become skilled at communicating difficult concepts clearly.
The course is essential for students who wish to go on to study engineering as well as physics and prepares you for a wide range of other related degrees such as architecture, natural sciences, maths and medicine. Our students often gain entry to Russell Group universities including Oxbridge and Imperial.
Course content
The course covers a complete A level grounding in the fundamentals of the subject. In the first year, you’ll cover familiar areas in more depth: mechanics, materials, electricity and waves, and exciting new topics: particles, quantum phenomena and material science.
In year two, you’ll be introduced to topics including fields and nuclear physics, and choose from options such as astrophysics, electronics, medical physics, and engineering physics. The practical skills relating to how science works are integrated throughout the two years.
Recent trips include visits to the Large Hadron Collider in Geneva and Astrium, an aerospace manufacturer. There is an astronomy club that also visits local observatories, and an electronics club where you can learn practical skills such as circuit design and soldering. We also enter students for the British Physics Olympiad.

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