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Examining board - Edexcel

Additional course entry requirements:
Grade 6 in GCSE English language and geography OR history. Grade 6 in GCSE English literature if history or geography not taken at GCSE. Grade 5 in GCSE mathematics
Why politics?
Just 62 people own half of the world’s wealth and 71% of the world’s population lives on less than $10 a day. Although the Conservatives lost seats in the 2017 election and formed a minority government, they received their highest share of the total vote since 1983. Watch the news and the world seems to be endlessly war-torn, but the facts show it is more peaceful now than at any time since 1945. It is sometimes hard to make sense of what we see around us.
The study of politics is about making sense of and analysing Britain and the world. You’ll learn to form political judgments and establish a broad set of analytical skills that universities and employers value highly. Many of our former students pursue an active role in British and international politics, going on to study the subject at university and working in journalism, law, think-tanks, universities, charities, international institutions and national government. Our politics department hosts a Model United Nations Conference at the college, inviting over 200 sixth formers to a weekend of stimulating debate. We also invite speakers from parliament on a regular basis.
Course content
You’ll study British government and politics, including the workings of parliament, the role of the prime minister, political parties and their policies, and how patterns of participation have changed in recent years. You’ll also study the key political ideologies of conservatism, liberalism and socialism.
You’ll also focus on themes of global politics, such as the rise of China, the ‘decline’ of America and the challenges of globalisation, terrorism, population migration and climate change; we also study how the world is ordered, the rise of multipolarity, poverty and debt, and the role of international organisations and non-state actors.

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15 May 2019
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In early February, the politics department took 70 students on their (until now…) annual trip to the European Parliament in Brussels, Belgium.
12 February 2019
College hosts WHMUN19
Woodhouse host 4th biennial Model United Nations
28 January 2019
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Students discuss the Mayor’s Countering Violent Extremism strategy, as part of a wider consultation with Londoners.
15 November 2018
Viljo Wilding - Jack Petchey Award winner
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31 May 2018
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14 May 2018
Woodhouse at Westminster
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7 February 2017
NUS President Malia Bouattia speaks for students
Woodhouse was pleased to welcome President of the National Union of Students, Malia Bouattia to the college yesterday
16 December 2016

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