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Additional course entry requirements:
Grade 6 in GCSE mathematics, English language and any science.
Why psychology?
Studying psychology at Woodhouse will provide you with an understanding of human behaviour and mental processes, and allow you to better understand why we think, act and feel the way we do. You’ll learn to think critically and evaluate the various explanations of human behaviour that psychologists have developed. You’ll learn how to handle data and use statistical analysis to draw conclusions about behaviour, while the ability to think logically will develop through activities which involve planning experiments and other forms of research.
Psychologists often go on to work in research or take the applied route as clinical psychologists, sports psychologists, therapists or forensic psychologists. Others are well-equipped for roles in human resource management, advertising, marketing or even working for the government. Our department provides opportunities to listen to distinguished speakers, and various study trips are organised throughout the year.
Course content
In your first year you will study social psychology where you will learn about the explanations of behaviours such as obedience, conformity, defiance of authority and how psychology can be used to bring about social change.
You will study disorders such as OCD, depression and phobias, and how psychologists treat these disorders. You will also learn about how children form attachments with their care-givers and how the quality of these attachments can influence cognitive, emotional and social development.
In year two, topics covered include gender development, forensic psychology and schizophrenia.

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