The results are in! And our students are thriving...

Dated: 17 August 2023

Woodhouse students are celebrating another set of amazing exam results this year with 186 of them getting at least three grade As in their A levels.
In contrast with the widely commented upon national picture, the college results are a considerable improvement on those of 2019 (pre-pandemic), with over three quarters of our grades at A*-B (76.2%). For a year group that didn’t get to sit GCSEs, their performance in this summer's public exams was truly remarkable.
22 students also have confirmed offers at Oxbridge universities and many more have medicine offers.
Principal Sugra Alibhai said “A huge congratulations to our wonderful class of 2023. Given the national context these are an excellent set of outcomes and are a testament to the hard work of our students and staff at the College."
 Efi and John were very happy with their results 
Student Efi achieved A*AA in physics, maths and economics. He told us "I'm off to either Bath or Nottingham Uni to study economics, or maybe Warwick for global sustainable development. I have a big decision to make tonight, but not until after some celebrations - my family are very happy.
Woodhouse is a really good school and has encouraged me to be more sociable and have a better work/social balance. I'd definitely encourage other people to come here - you’ll learn a lot and change for the better as a person, there's a lot of character development here."
John, who joined us from Central Foundation Boys' School, got A*AC and plans to study either law at Exeter or history at Warwick... "To be a solicitor is my dream. I'm relieved and elated with my results. The amount of work I put in and all the revision really paid off. I've loved Woodhouse, made a lot of friends and met lots of people who are different to me - it's opened me up to new opinions as well. I don't think I will ever forget my time here to be honest."
 Tess and Balthasar
Student Tess came to Woodhouse from Parliament Hill School for Girls and achieved A*A*A in English literature, history and politics. She told us "I feel amazing and very happy, I wasn’t expecting those results and am so happy to have gotten into my uni. It was a sleepless night but I've had lots of nice messages today from family. I'm off to the University of Leeds to study English lit.
Ive loved every minute of Woodhouse. Obviously A levels are stressful, but I feel Woodhouse has made it a really enjoyable experience. The teachers are amazing, the people are amazing, the community... every thing about it is just really good.
Balthasar joined us from Highbury Grove at got A*A*AA in literature, French, German and History. "I'm taking a gap year to work in Berlin for a while and then go travelling. Woodhouse is great it's a fantastic school - I’m very, very pleased."
  Bat-Erdene only joined us in year 13
Student Bat-Erdene joined us from St Aloysius' College in year and has achieved A*A*A* in maths, physics and further maths.
"I came as an external applicant for year 13 when my old school could no longer offer further maths. I'm delighted with my results and wasn’t really expecting all A*s. I worked hard at Woodhouse and will celebrate with family and some cake tonight.
Woodhouse is a great student community, everyone is really smart and the teachers are really supporting. It's just a great environment to be in... very intellectually stimulating. I've made good friends here. I'm off to Cambridge to study maths and may go on to be a quantitive analyst - not sure yet."
Emiola smiles (after the tears - of joy!)
Emiola joined us from Regent High School and has earned AAA in biology, psychology and business.
"I'm off to King College London to study neuroscience and psychology! I'm feeling really great. I cried when I got my results, we opened them at home and my family videoed it - I wasn’t expecting to cry but it was just amazing... I've worked so hard for my A levels and they were so difficult, so to see your hard work in results - there on the screen... it was amazing.
I absolutely love Woodhouse, when I am outside college I advocate for it so much. Not just Maggie the therapy dog who I love... but everyone here is so nice. I've never met a rude person here ever and it is such a testament to the community that Woodhouse fosters. I'm so glad I came here, my mum told me she would pass the college on the bus when I was a toddler and wonder if I might come here one day - and 15 years later here I am!"
 Ben has a place at Edinburgh to study physics
Ben joined us from The Compton School and achieved A*AA in maths, physics and further maths. "I'm studying physics at Edinburgh next and then hope to do my Masters and PhD at different places - to travel around a bit.  I want to work in the tech start-up industry in Silicon Valley. I like Woodhouse a lot, they tailor things to the way you want to work"
  Maya is off to Guatemala!
Maya came to us from The Archer Academy and has achieved A*AA in English literature, drama and theatre, and psychology. She told us "I'm relieved getting my results but it's weirdly been a bit of an anticlimax - you get your results and it's like 'Oh that's two years of A level and 13 years of education gone by all of a sudden...'  but it's all good. 
I'll chill out with my family and celebrate.
I'm having a gap year and I’m off to Guatemala to teach English which will be really fun, and then some travelling around.  I have a deferred place studying English at Warwick and will go there next year.  Woodhouse has been both amazing and stressful... a real life-learning experience"
 Khuselee is off to Imperial
Khuselee came to Woodhouse from St Augustine's CE High School and achieved AAA in maths, chemistry and physics.
"How am I feeling? Well... I didn’t get into my first choice university, which was Cambridge... but I am going to Imperial College London - so I'm happy anyway.
My Woodhouse experience was a bit of a mixed bag - friendshipwise it was a bit of a rollercoaster - but the education was much better than my school and that's what I came here for, so it was a good decision."
  Arita is off to Imperial
Student Arita came to us from Parliament Hill School and has achieved A*AA in sociology, biology and chemistry. She will be studying  Biochemistry at Imperial College London.
"Very happy with my results. Before the results I was like 'do I have the grades or not?' I felt that I worked so hard for them that it made complete sense that I did... but at the same time I just never knew. When you do so many practice questions or when you are doing the exam and you feel like 'ok Im slipping up here' and then afterwards pick over the mistakes and think that 'I couldn’t have done well' - so then, in a way my results did surprise me. But yes I’m very happy. Not sure what I'll do after my degree, but Imperial is amazing and I just know it will bring me such good opportunities.
Woodhouse was fantastic in terms of my education, I knew i was in good hands. I know that I'm hardworking, but it's so different being a hard worker here and having people that really appreciate that - and also understand you.  It's a very supportive community - people here are amazing and I  never felt out of place."
 (L-R) Layla, Amelia and friend 
Layla came to Woodhouse from Alexandra Park School and achieved A*A*A in maths, biology and chemistry. She's off to medical school in September and plans to become a doctor.
"I was surprised and very happy with my results. I've really enjoyed Woodhouse and I'm really glad I came here.
Amelia joined us from Queen Elizabeth's Girls' School and got A*AA in history, Spanish and maths.
"I was so shocked because I wasn’t expecting that result for history, I'm very happy with it. I'm off to the University of Leeds now to do PPE, so that's good - I'm really happy and excited, it's all gone so well.
Woodhouse has been great, I'm really glad that I came here. A new experience, a lot more independence - and it's just been a great time. I've met some really good people."

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