Culture Week at Woodhouse

Dated: 10 May 2022

This past week, students have been sharing and celebrating their cultures, culminating in a fantastic dance performance by Woodhouse ACS (African-Caribbean Society) and a cultural catwalk show that had hundreds of students on their feet cheering each other on in an amazing and heartwarming display of togetherness.
 ACS dancers performing in the epic opening to the show
College Council member Jay was one of many who brought the show together and has an obvious passion for the event. He said "Woodhouse prides itself on having many students from multifarious backgrounds, but it’s not enough to be a number on an inclusion, equality, and diversity questionnaire. We must bolster our presence and flaunt where we came from, rather than being told to go back to where we came from. Culture is important as both a method to connect with our roots, and to remind ourselves that we are more than what society thinks of us.
Organising the Show was not difficult, per se, but it was definitely a team effort. At the start we did not think that it would be as popular as it was, so we did not expect much nor prepare for a massive audience. However, we still hoisted up the flags, set the chairs, designated the hosts, and advertised it. To our surprise, a hoard of students came!
I believe that it was hugely thanks to ACS that we saw, quite rarely, our cohort banding together voluntarily to celebrate culture. Although it was chaotic, we managed to adapt. For me, it was a truly gratifying experience: it was enriching to enjoy the culture of so many of my peers and to see everyone flourishing, thriving, and literally, owning it - the floor... and their heritage."
Emiola, also from the student council, told us “The council set up the event and we promoted it on our new instagram - @woodhouse_studentcouncil (follow them now!) and it was a really fun thing to do, to give everyone a chance to dress up in their traditional dress and just share their culture. It was big turn out, which was what we wanted and the energy in the room was astronomical, it was so good.”
Student council member Aaron said “I think the catwalk event was amazing, it really showed how diverse the college is. The energy was 100% from everyone - it was mind-blowing.”
Fellow council member Despina told us… “I help to organise the show - it was quite chaotic at times - and I think it was a lovely event and a really nice way to celebrate different cultures. It adds to the sense of community that we, as a college, pride ourselves on - that we accept and love everyone in it.”

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