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Open Day - Saturday 9th November 2019
Woodhouse College
Open Day - Saturday 9th November 2019

Year 12 Entry Criteria

All applications should be submitted by the deadline date, which will be published in the college prospectus and on the website. We will consider applications submitted after the deadline date if the college has spare places in specific subjects and for the waiting list.

Applications will only be considered when a school report has been received. If a school report is not received, then the College cannot process the application.

Students must be no older than 17 years on the 31 August prior to the commencement of the academic year of entry. Preference will be given to applicants who are no older than 16 years on that date.

The College is not registered with the UK Border Agency and therefore cannot accept applications from those whose sole purpose is to come to the UK to study. The College will only offer places to those students who are eligible for EFA funding.

The College gives priority to students who currently reside in north London and environs. It will accept late applications from those moving into the area but without obligation to consider these.
Any student who is not studying for GCSE/IGCSE or Intermediate Baccalaureate will need to supply a Statement of Comparability from UK NARIC (National Recognition Information Centre for the UK).

Minimum criteria for entry 2019:
1.  At least a GCSE Grade 5 in English Language and Grade 5 in Mathematics.

2.  7/6 (or A/B) grades in subjects needed for your particular programme, as specified in the prospectus and on the College website.

3.  At least the average GCSE score for your best (full) eight GCSE/IGCSE subjects specified for your particular programme of courses:
Three A level courses: 6.0
Four A level courses: 7.5
Note that only GCSE/IGCSE/ O level courses count towards the average score, not other types of qualification. These are minimum requirements. Students with predicted grades that meet these criteria do not automatically qualify for an offer of a place.
Some subject combinations are more heavily over-subscribed than others, and the College reserves the right to offer places in order to fill all its courses efficiently. The College may offer places in under-subscribed subjects where the average predicted GCSE score is lower than for other subject combinations.

The Archer Academy, Friern Barnet School and The Totteridge Academy are official partner schools of the College, and applications from these schools are prioritised. Students from these three schools will be made a conditional offer of a place as long as their predicted grades meet the College’s minimum criteria and the school report is acceptable.

The applications of looked after children and care leavers will also be prioritised in the admissions process. The College cannot guarantee in advance that such applications will automatically be successful.

Applicants are asked to disclose on their application forms if they have any special circumstances which could affect their learning. This will not adversely affect their chances of being offered a place.

Criteria for offers are based on:
• Academic potential, measured through predicted GCSE grades and school report

• Journey time to Woodhouse College by public transport (8:45am start)

• Attendance and behaviour record, as per school report

• Participation in extra-curricular activities

• Subject combination

Because the College is highly over-subscribed, it does not guarantee to offer places to all those who meet its minimum criteria for entry. Application outcomes will usually be notified to students before the end of February. The College reserves the right to make offers in such a way that it is able to fill all its places efficiently.

Students on the waiting list may be offered a conditional place before and after GCSE results day as and when places become available, as those who have been made offers may decline, withdraw or fail to meet the conditions of their offer. Subject combinations will be a major consideration when allocating places from the waiting list. However, the more flexible a student is in their desired subject combination, the better their chances of being selected for a place from the waiting list.

Students offered conditional and waiting list places may ask for a course change up to the first week in July and also when the GCSE results have been confirmed in August. Course changes will be allowed subject to likely space availability and to the student being suitably qualified or predicted to achieve the necessary grades.

Enrolment will take place in person or by electronic means, as outlined in enrolment paperwork emailed to students in August. Failure to enrol by the deadline will mean that the student loses their place.

If a student fails to meet the conditions of their offer, their place at the College cannot be guaranteed even if they are suitably qualified for another course.

Late / new applications, after the deadline and/or after GCSE results, will be considered but waiting list applications will be given priority.