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108 students ‘do the triple’ at Woodhouse

Dated: 17 August 2017

Katie Warren, Daniel Fidler and Stefan Kosta with their results 
In another successful year for Woodhouse College hundreds of happy sixth-formers collected their A level results today. A staggering 178 students achieved grades of AAB or better and 108 of those bagged all A’s and A*s, with 95% of all students now progressing to university. Ten students achieved A* grades in each of their three or four A levels.
These results mean that this year Woodhouse is the second best sixth form college in England, ranked by % high grades (A*-B). Overall, students achieved 66% A*-B and 87% at A*- C with a pass rate of 99%.
A record 13 Woodhouse students received Oxbridge offers this year with most of them getting the As they need, while the others remain on tenterhooks (having narrowly missed out by a grade) to see if they will still be accepted. Another dozen students have made it onto medicine degrees and around 20 students have offers from Imperial College – which many consider is harder to get into than Oxbridge.
Nabeel Chaudary got A*A*A*A* 
Nabeel achieved A* in Maths, Further Maths, Physics and Chemistry and is going to Imperial College to study Physics.
“I feel good about my results… I worked hard and it paid off. Woodhouse and my teachers were really good, it’s a great environment to learn in. The physics course I’m doing at Imperial will be difficult but I’m looking forward to it – I’m excited!” 
Muntadhar Mahamoud also achieved A*A*A*A* in Maths, Further Maths, Chemistry and Physics and is going to Imperial College to study Mechanical Engineering. 
Mathematicians did particularly well with 73 students getting an A* and minority subjects excelled with 100% of law and German students achieving high grades of A*-B.
Tears of joy for India De Bono (L) pictured with A* art student Keva Lvov  
Our outstanding art department scored a 97% A*-B with six young artists getting an A* — no wonder the annual art exhibition is so popular.
Keva Lvov got A*BC in Art, History and Computer Science and has a place at Herts University to study Animation.
“I’m ecstatic about my results. I was so excited early this morning when I got a text message from university, I can’t wait to study Animation although I’m not sure if it will be 2D or 3D yet. Woodhouse was probably the most positive experience in my life thus far especially in terms of my academic progress. I am so hopeful for the future.” 
Whilst the students may all study at the same college, they all come from very different backgrounds and areas of north London and some will be the first in their families to go to university.
Principal John Rubinstein was in a buoyant mood...
“I’m incredibly proud of our students. This year’s results are a real testament to the hard-working ethos of our college and the effort and commitment put in by both our students and our staff.
Our combined A level and AS results are the best we’ve had in the last three years. In a climate of desperate underfunding in the education sector and increasing competition in our locale – that’s a significant achievement.
Woodhouse is all about the added value, the extra-curricular, the opportunities for independence and maturity, and to grow personally as well as academically. These successful students illustrate that perfectly: they work hard on their studies, but they also take part, they volunteer, they do Model United Nations and Duke of Edinburgh awards. They seize opportunities, and they are all impressive young adults as a result.
Our Oxbridge success is fantastic and we continue to improve on the numbers progressing each year, but we are also thrilled to get so many students into prestigious medical schools, and hundreds more into Russell Group and other top universities.”
Twin sisters Franziska and Anna McManus got 7 A-A*s between them... 
Anna got A*A*A in Maths, Further Maths and French and will be studying Maths at Durham University.
“Durham was my first choice. We’ll both be there now but in different colleges. Kind of separate but together. I couldn’t have asked for better teachers, I’ve loved it at Woodhouse.”
Franziska got A*A*A*A in Biology, Maths and French and Chemistry and is going on to study natural sciences at Cambridge.
“ I’m very happy. I didn’t get much sleep last night and have had a lot of anxiety dreams but it’s a relief to get it all out of the way and to know where we are going. We can start looking forward to uni now.”
James Graca-Jones got A*A*A* in Maths, Chemistry and Physics and is going to Oxford University to study material science.
“I’m excited! I was so worried I wouldn’t get into Oxford. I’m very pleased with my results, they were not what I was expecting. Teachers gave me great support and advice throughout the year, not just in the class room but outside too, they are always there to help.” 
A*AA a piece - Louis Demosthenous and Christian Stamou 
Christian Stamou got A*AA in Geography, Drama and PE...
“I’m very happy - not really surprised, maybe kind of, but just really happy to get it. I can now go to my first-choice university which is Nottingham to study sports science which is very nice. It’s all gone to plan - happy days!”
 Eleni Georgiou got A*AA
Eleni got A*AA in Maths, Chemistry and Physics and will be going to Bristol University to study Aerospace Engineering.
“I’m really, really pleased and was so surprised when I saw my results because I wasn’t expecting to get into my first choice uni. I want to be an engineer in the future. I really enjoyed my two years at Woodhouse and it was a good decision to come here. I don’t think I’d have got my results (or my successful application) without the help of my teachers.”
 Katie Warren got A*AA
Katie  got A*AA in Drama, English and History and is going to Durham University to study English Literature.
“I’m very pleased with my results. I’m not too surprised at them, but I was so paranoid that I wouldn’t get what I needed and would have to go through clearing, so I am very relieved. And I got more first choice Uni in Durham so I’m very happy about that. It’s a bit far away from home but it’s worth it because it’s where I’ve always wanted to go. Woodhouse is the best environment because it let me be as independent as I want to be - and that has suited me.”
 Daniel Fidler got A*AA
Daniel got A*AA in History, English Language and Psychology and is off to Leeds University to study English Language and Literature.
“Really relieved was the overriding emotion when I got my results this morning - but happy too. I was really worried and didn’t get much sleep last night, but I got the results I wanted and was pleasantly surprised - I’d started looking at ‘clearing’ numbers but won’t be needing them now. So relieved.”
 Olivia D’Souza got A*A*A
Olivia got A*A*A in Geography, English Literature and Drama and is off to the University of Birmingham to study Geography.
“I was very pleasantly surprised with my grades having only had about three hours sleep all night, it was a very stressful evening but it’s worked out OK in the end. I delayed looking at my results at first this morning, but eventually gave in and then was very happy. I travelled a long way to come to college every day but it’s been worth it, Woodhouse is amazing and the teachers have been really supportive.”
 Stefan Kosta got AAC
Stefan got AAC in Economics, Maths and Further Maths. He is planning a gap year before applying to university in 2018.
“I’m looking forward to my gap year. I might do a ski season (I like to ski) and maybe re-sit some exams to bring my grade up. I’m pleased with how I did overall but I know I can do better. I had a terrible year last year, I failed further maths and got two Cs in the others so I had to work really hard to bring all the grades up - so I’m very happy with these results, they’re almost like A*s for me.
I’ve also done a cookery course and am currently working in a kitchen so I’ll have a well-rounded CV before I apply next year. I like that Woodhouse treated me like an adult, they didn’t baby me. I failed that year and it was a massive wake up call, but with my teachers help I’ve managed to turn it around. It’s been a great life lesson.”
These are just a few of the hundreds of success stories today and we congratulate all of our students who have worked so hard all year.

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