Consultation On Academy Status

Proposal to become a 16 – 19 academy


The Corporation of Woodhouse College is proposing that the College should become a 16-19 academy, moving it from being a sixth form college to being an academy school. In legal terms, this requires the College to propose the dissolution of the existing sixth form college and to propose the establishment of the new academy within a new academy trust. The new 16-19 academy would carry on the educational provision that the College currently offers. All of the property, rights, assets and liabilities of the College would transfer to the academy trust. The staff would transfer their employment to the academy trust. All current students, and those joining in September 2020, will be able to study the same courses in 2020/21 irrespective of whether Woodhouse is a college or an academy.


The consultation document, a more detailed Questions and Answer document, and the formal notice that we are required to publish about the proposed legal dissolution of the College Corporation (which would be necessary in order to transfer to the academy trust) are available on this page.


The consultation ran until Monday 30th March 2020. Thank you to everyone who shared their views at the meetings or through the online questionnaire. Governors will now consider the responses before they make their decision. A summary of the consultation will be available on this page by May half-term and available free of charge to anyone who requests it from the College office.


If Woodhouse does convert to academy status, the conversion is anticipated to take place on 1st August 2020 or as soon as possible afterwards.  


Consultation Document

Questions & Answers

Dissolution Notice