1.     We are a small college
Probably smaller than your school, definitely smaller than Ashmole, East Barnet, Mill Hill County, Fortismere, APS and Highgate Wood. It’s just that our students are mostly the same age. You won’t be ‘cast adrift’ in a sea of students and overstretched staff, you’ll be part of a bustling, vibrant, connected community - where nobody slips through the cracks, and everyone is monitored, cared for and guided through their A levels.
2.   Our average class size is 20
Just 20! And in many subjects, classes are even smaller. Our largest ever is 24. Smaller, on average, than many other sixth forms. Plenty of individual attention, plenty of space to have your say and contribute to class discussions and activities. Plenty of chances to get to know you classmates and teachers. Plenty of help and support when you need it.
3.   We are specialists
We are a specialist A level sixth form college. Not an FE college – we don’t teach BTEC, or vocational qualifications, not a school – we don’t teach years 7 to 11 kids. Just A levels. Our teachers are specialists – teaching just one subject, on just one syllabus. You won’t find more dedicated, subject specific A level teaching anywhere. Many of our teachers have second degrees in their subjects and quite a few have PhDs – and they really know how to get the best out of A level students. It’s all they do!
4.   We are like a school... But better
Like a school in that we have the same strong pastoral framework as a school, with registrations, notes from parents if ill, form groups, tutors monitoring progress, reports and parent’s evenings. But better in that we only deal with the related concerns of A level students, and everything here is age group specific. No distractions like teachers coming from an unruly year 10 class, hoping to relax with an easy sixth form group. We have similar rules to school, but we treat you like grown-ups - and you behave in a grown-up way.
5.   You don’t have to be an independent learner
Our students don’t all start out as independent learners, but we aim to equip them with the necessary skills and experiences so that by the time they leave us, they are ready and able to succeed at university. We’ll help you grow and mature by encouraging you to push yourself, to try new things – to step up your game, be aspirational and forward thinking. We’ll teach you how to be independent.
6.   We are a bridge to university
95% of our students progress to university after leaving Woodhouse. We are experts in advice and support for university applications and have staff dedicated to helping you with UCAS and personal statements. Our careers department will help you with choices and we regularly have visiting universities on site, giving out degree specific information and lecturing in subject areas. We have our own business, law, medicine, architecture and other academies to support your applications with insider knowledge, and we help dozens of our students apply to Oxbridge every year.
7.   You can do ANY subject in ANY combination!
In most schools, your options are limited by the timetable. Two subjects might be taught at the same time, and so you can’t do both. But at Woodhouse, there are no clashes! We’ll make your subject choices fit into a timetable that is tailor made for you.
8.   You get more teaching here
You’ll get more hours teaching per subject than many other schools and colleges. In recent years, we have increased our contact time to five hours per subject per week, with extra subject tutorials and one-to-one sessions on top of that.
9.   We are just as good as we’ve always been
Of course, grade averages fluctuate at all schools and colleges, but Woodhouse has ranked in the top 5 sixth form colleges in England consistently, year on year, for over 20 years, and more recently we are usually in the top 3. We are the highest achieving sixth form college in London. Our progression rates to Russell Group universities, Oxbridge and medicine courses are the highest they have ever been.
10.   We care
Sounds obvious but it’s worth reminding you. We pride our self on our ability to support you, whatever your needs. We have an extensive student support network with a vast amount of experience in dealing with the stresses and problems of young adults. If you have any problems at all, be they academic, personal or emotional, we have someone you can go to who can steer you in the right direction, help you overcome any obstacles and succeed.

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