Art students in Cloud Land

Dated: 1 July 2019

Kitty and Sophie with their 'Airfix' sculpture 
Some of our very talented lower sixth art students were on ‘cloud nine’ this weekend after seeing their art work exhibited at Alexandra Palace.
The exhibition - entitled Cloud Land - was a national arts exhibition organised by the SFCA (Sixth Form Colleges Association) and was billed as “A wonderful opportunity to celebrate the arts and recognise excellence in sixth form colleges”
Alexandra Palace will be celebrating the launch of the East Court and Theatre and, as well as working with its local community on an aeronautics display, has set the theme for the sixth form colleges exhibition. - “Students should consider the ways in which Art, Science and Technology came together in the exploits and experiments of early pioneers of aeronautics, and how this is still relevant today.”
Art student Emilia 

Congratulations to Woodhouse art students Mimi (blue painting) Kitty and Sophie (airfix sculpture) and Emilia (bunting) who contributed to the show. Head of Art at Woodhouse, Emma Farquharson, said “We are very proud of our art students, it was a great opportunity for them to showcase their work alongside other sixth form college students and to celebrate their creativity and talent.”
Mimi presents... 
Principal John Rubinstein was also in attendance and said “It’s such a great event the SFCA has put together and I’m so pleased our students have been able to take part. Their work here certainly shows the quality of our art teaching at Woodhouse which consistently turns out amazing art students, brilliant art and incredible A level grades. In a continuing climate of education austerity and a lack of art funding this show is also very relevant.”
The SFCA, in their notes on the exhibition, made that point clearer - “Sixth form colleges represent a vital supply pipeline of talented artists of the future. In order to advance the arts in education, to recognise and celebrate excellence in the arts, and to stimulate our thinking, SFCA have held this National Arts Exhibition. It is imperative that we keep the arts in education secure and flourishing. If young people are to make a truly valuable contribution to society, even if they are to be successful scientists, engineers, doctors and technicians, they need to develop their creative skills, their artistic sensitivities and their ability to interact with others.”

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