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English Literature

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Additional course entry requirements:
Grade 6 in both GCSE English literature and English language
Why English literature?
You will develop an appreciation of how writers shape meaning across a range of texts such as poetry, drama (including Shakespeare), novels and short stories. You will be able to assess how texts are influenced over time by historical, literary and cultural factors.
Our students have gone on to study English literature or an English-related degree course at a range of well-respected universities. Many will combine their study of literature with another subject and some will choose to go on to study other subjects at university that require similar skills, such as history, philosophy or law. Students studying literature at Woodhouse are likely to achieve final grades well above the national average.
You’ll take trips to the Globe and West End productions, attend lecture days with university professors, and experience cinema screenings of drama productions. We’ll also provide students with creative opportunities for collaborative work using video and drama, and poetry and design competitions.
Course content
You will study texts from medieval Chaucer through to Shakespeare and revenge drama, as well as more contemporary poetry and prose. You will explore a range of styles from Gothic fiction to 17th century Jacobean drama. Your examined units will focus on Shakespeare and drama pre-1900 and comparing a classic Gothic novel with Angela Carter’s The Bloody Chamber. Class discussions explore a range of adult themes such as forbidden desire, adultery, revenge, gender and power. In addition, you will complete two coursework assignments, one on a modern play and the other comparing 20th century poetry with a modern novel.

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