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Cheyenne Jauad Schwarz
Cheyenne Jauad Schwarz
Cheyenne Jauad Schwarz came to Woodhouse from Camden School for Girls and lives in Hampstead. She  studied business, law and maths at A level and graduated in 2018 with AAB. She is currently at City, University of London studying Business Management.
She spoke to us during her second year of A levels...
“From about Year 9 I knew I wanted to come to Woodhouse and one of the main reasons was the diversity here.I hadn’t studied business at GCSE as it wasn’t offered at my school, and when I came here I wasn’t sure what I wanted to go on to do at university… so I thought I’d try a little bit of everything – to see what I’d like. For me it was all about business or law so I picked both.
A level has been a bit of a leap, with the level of difficulty and the transition of working around my timetable and doing less subjects, but more work. It’s not laid back but it is a comfortable environment and everyone gets along.
I like how my classes are relaxed and friendly. Business lessons are often discussion based, so even though we are answering questions (and yes, there are right or wrong answers) I get the chance to voice my opinion and discuss it with the other studentsas well as the teacher - so I like that. Teachers treat us more like adults than children and give us responsibility for our own learning.
I use the library and the learning zones for all of my subjects, but business mostly. There are a lot of times where you have to do past-paper questions and rewrite your notes a million times so you can try and get the concepts into your head.
Being able to apply the business syllabus to the real world is definitely something I enjoy. Other subjects are very much exam based and you might be studying something that you can’t see how you can use it in your everyday life, but in business you can. We’ve also had great guest speakers. One of the top managers from John Lewis came in to speak to us about getting employment and how the business works.
I plan to study business management at university. My first choice is Kings College and then possibly UCL or Queen Mary. I haven’t figured out my route yet but my end goal is to open my own performance business. I want to open a dance and recording studio (because I sing and I dance) and integrate my business knowledge - I want to own it and also teach at it.
I did street dance for extracurricular in my first term and it was really good. I already do a lot of dance outside, but it was good because I got to interact with lots of students who weren’t in my normal lessons, which was helpful because when you first come here it can be kind of daunting if you don’t know anyone.
I am part of the Career Ready program here which is especially useful as we have networking events, we have a mentor and an internship in the summer. It prepares us for what life might be like when we go beyond further study and into job. We had to complete proper applications and have formal interviews in smart clothes to get on the program. It definitely been a good experience because it’s not something most people our age get the chance to do.
My mentor is called Kate and she works in the Business Design Center in Islington. I meet her every month or so and we discuss things like interview techniques, my personal statement or any help I need with subjects. The mentorship is helpful because it’s something away from parents, teachers and personal relationships. We have a professional relationship that allows me to talk about things in a different way.
I did my internship at the Travelodge in Kings Cross last July and August. Three days a week of proper work experience and I ended up being offered a permanent part time job, so I still work weekends there.
Year one of A level was a real learning year for me, deciding what I’m going to do and how I should go about my studies. Now, in my second year, I know where I’m going and I feel more confident in myself for the coming exams. Also, my willingness to interact with people that I don’t know has improved a lot. Before I came here I was surrounded by the same people for five years. Woodhouse has helped me step outside of my comfort zone and that’s made me a better person."