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Woodhouse College
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Predicted Grade Policy


The UCAS predicted grade will be based on the student’s performance in the internal summer exams at the end of the first year, except in the case of further maths where the predicted grade will be based on AS level performance. The college will in most cases predict one grade higher than the summer exam performance, except where an A grade is achieved in the summer exams.

Departments will use their discretion in issuing A* predictions, though students who achieve an A* grade in the summer exam will be given an A* prediction.

Students who are awarded a U grade in the summer exams will be required to re-sit the exam before the end of term.

Departments reserve the right to not predict one grade above the summer grade for students who have an attendance record of below 90% during the lower sixth year and/or a poor record of completed work.

Departments may predict higher grades where there are particular circumstances that affected the summer exam performance and where evidence of better in-year progress exists.

Any appeals for higher predicted grades will be considered by heads of department before the end of the summer term. There will be no appeals considered or changes to UCAS predicted grades after the end of the summer term (except in the case of further maths).  Appeals will not be upheld where they are based solely on the entry requirements for a course that a student aspires to rather than on the proven potential based on progress demonstrated at Woodhouse.