In these challenging times it’s unfortunate that we were unable to host our traditional open day in November. But through these virtual tour pages we offer some insight into the woodhouse experience, as well as details of the courses we offer.
Take a wander around our campus and navigate to our subject areas using the map, or go straight to subjects from the list below.

Applications FAQs

Who can apply?

The college is for 16-18 year olds. Almost all of our students are 16 when they start the academic year, and they come to us straight from Year 11. We only offer full-time A level courses. We consider ourselves to be a sixth form college for north London and its environs, and we do not prioritise applicants who live in particular boroughs. However, we prefer to offer places to those who live within a reasonable travelling distance.

What qualifications do I need to apply?

We specify particular GCSE grades in specific subjects; at least a 5 in English language and 5 in mathematics, and an average score across the best 8 GCSE subjects (including English language and mathematics) as follows:
3 A levels: 6.0
4 A levels: 7.5
Note that these are the minimum average GCSE scores required.

How many subjects do I pick?

3 or 4 A levels. Around 90% of our students are likely to study 3 A levels. The other 10% will study 4 A level courses. In order to be allowed to do this however, you have to achieve a higher threshold of grades than you do for the 3 A level programme.

How many places are available?

We enrol over 700 students from schools in and around north London.
We prioritise applicants from our partner schools, The Archer Academy and Friern Barnet School, but they still have to meet the same entry requirements as everyone else. We also prioritise looked-after children and care-leavers.
We know that not all students offered a place will actually come: some fail to get the grades, others choose to stay at their own school sixth form or go elsewhere. So we offer more places than we actually have.

What criteria are used for offering places?

The criteria include your academic potential, journey to college, school report, combination of subjects, as well as your contribution to your current school and participation in extra-curricular activity.
Please be aware that in recent years the college has been heavily oversubscribed in some subjects and so, we cannot guarantee to offer a place to all applicants who meet our minimum criteria.

When will I hear whether I have a conditional place or not?

We aim to let everyone know the outcome of their application by early March.

Can I change subjects after I have submitted my application?

If you would like to change subjects, please email informing us which subjects you wish to change as soon as possible.

Can I change subjects after I have been offered a place?

We will do our best to accommodate you but cannot guarantee this since other subjects may be full. We would also need to consider your (predicted) grade profile. Likewise, if you wish to change courses following the publication of GCSE results we will do what we can to facilitate your request.

What happens if I do not reach the offer conditions?

You may lose your place, but in some cases students who narrowly miss the offer grades are accepted if we can fit them in. Sometimes we have to renegotiate the course(s).
Note that all students are expected to have passed GCSE English language and mathematics at grade 5 or above.

What happens if I decide not to take up my place?

You would need to email at any time during the admissions and registration process.

If I get a waiting list place what are my chances?

This varies from year to year and often depends on which subjects have been requested. It is not possible to put any sort of figure on this. The more flexible you are about your subject choices, the more likely it is that we can fit you in. If you are keen to have a place, let us know after the GCSE results are published.

Are applications processed in date order?

No, applications received before the deadline are all treated equally. However, we cannot process your application until we have received the report from your school.

Can I apply after I receive my GCSE results in August?

Yes, by filling a ‘New Application’ form which can be downloaded from our website. You then need to scan and email the completed form and a copy of your statement of results to You must still have met our minimum entry criteria, and we would need to see a school reference or report. We consider students from our waiting list before new applications.

Can I see my school reference?

No, we have asked for a confidential school report so we will not let you see this. Should you have any concerns about your reference, you would need to discuss this with your school.

Do we operate any quotas when selecting students?

No, each applicant is judged on their merits and we operate no quotas of any sort.

If I change my mind about a course once I have started can I change?

This may be possible but any changes must be requested quickly and will depend on space availability and your grade profile. Your personal tutor and other staff will support you in this.

What happens if a subject is cancelled?

This happens very rarely. If we have to withdraw a subject we would do our utmost to provide you with a suitable alternative.

I currently live overseas, can I apply?

If you are returning to the UK by August 2021 and will be living with a parent who has the right to remain in the UK for the full duration of your course, then we can consider your application. If you are not studying GCSE/IGCSE, then you will need to get a ‘statement of compatibility’ from UK NARIC.

I wish to come to the UK just to study, can I apply?

We do not hold Tier 4 sponsorship with the UK Border Agency and therefore are unable to consider students in this category.

Are there any fees?

The college is funded directly by the government and is free to UK/EU citizens.
However, with the uncertainty surrounding Brexit, educational funding my cease for EU citizens.
We do require a text book deposit of £50. This allows us to issue students with free textbooks and to lend out library books and laptops. The deposit is returnable at the end of the course, on condition that all outstanding text books are returned.

General FAQs

How many hours of teaching will I get?

You will get 5 hours of class teaching per subject, per week.
15 hours a week if you take 3 A levels
20 hours a week if you take 4 A levels.

How much homework will there be?

You will be set about 5 hours of additional work for each subject, so 15 hours of homework per week.

How big are your classes?

On average our classes are about 20 students and in many subjects, classes are even smaller. Our largest ever is 24. Smaller, on average, than many other sixth forms.

Is it true that I can do any subject in any combination?

Yes. In most schools, your options are limited by the timetable. Two subjects might be taught at the same time, and so you can’t do both. But at Woodhouse, there are no clashes, we’ll make your subject choices fit into a timetable that is tailor made for you.

Do I need to be an independent learner?

Our students don’t all start out as independent learners, but we aim to equip them with the necessary skills and experiences so that by the time they leave us, they are ready and able to succeed at university.
We’ll help you grow and mature by encouraging you to push yourself, to try new things – to step up your game, be aspirational and forward thinking. We’ll teach you how to be independent.

How many students go on to Russell Group universities?

The Russell Group is a catch-all term for a group of universities with a shared focus on research and a reputation for academic achievement.
On average, around 55-60% of our students advance to these universities. Many of our students go to other equally high achieving universities and overall 95% of our students go to university in the uk and abroad in places like Canada and the USA.
Subject specific videos featuring interviews with our students and teachers feature on many of our courses pages - look out for the 'play' sign. More will follow and they’ll be advertised on our social media pages as they go live - so follow us on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram to keep up with everything Woodhouse.
Main Building
Home to languages and classics, as well as our reception and administrative offices. Click on a subject below to find out more...
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Hockman Building
Home to most of our humanities subjects and indoor sports facilities.
History Psychology Sociology Politics Philosophy Law Religious Studies Sports Hall 360° View Dance Studios 360° View
The Finches
Our music space and home of the Barnet Education Arts Trust (BEAT).
Music Music Technology
Millennium Building
Home to all of our sciences as well as our large library and silent study zone.
Chemistry Biology Physics
Phillips Building
Our dedicated maths environment, purpose built just five years ago with nine maths classrooms and a large breakout study area.
Mathematics Further Mathematics Computer Science
North Wing
Home to our creative arts and social sciences, as well as our student services division.
Art & Design Geography Economics Business Learning Zone 360° View
The Hub
The hub is the social centre of the college where students meet and hang out, eat lunch, work, and sometimes perform lunchtime concerts.
Drama & Theatre The Hub 360° View
3g Sports Pitch
Our full-size, floodlit, 3G pitch was built in 2016 with help from the FA and the Football Foundation.
3g Sports Pitch 360° View
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