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Open Day 2018 Results 2018
Woodhouse College
Open Day 2018 Results 2018

HE choices checklist

Some points to consider when filling in your UCAS form and again when deciding which offers to accept

Entry Requirements
• Am I likely to come near the entry requirements they are asking for?
• Do I meet the specific subject requirements for the course?

The Course Content
Programmes with the same title at different universities often have very different contents.  Be sure the one you choose suits what and how you want to study!
• Does the course outline contain the aspects of the subject I definitely want to study and avoid the ones I don’t?
• How is the course assessed? (coursework assessment, exams, oral presentations, group projects etc)
• How is it taught?  Will I have lots of contact with lecturers or be left largely to study by myself?
• How much choice is there in what I have to study?
• Is there an opportunity for work placement?  If so, will I have to find it myself?
• Does the course lead to relevant professional qualifications or exemptions?
• What do graduates of the course go on to do?
• Are there opportunities for study abroad, learning a language etc?

The University Environment
• City, campus on the outskirts of town, or countryside?
• Do I need to be close to theatres, cinemas, clubs etc?
• How far is it from home?
• How easy is it to get to?
• Will there be opportunities for me to pursue my interests eg sports facilities and clubs, student radio or magazine, choir & orchestra, religious/cultural societies?
• What’s the accommodation like?  Is it near the university?  Is it guaranteed to first years?
• Atmosphere – academic hothouse or relaxed and friendly?
• Library & computing facilities – size and opening hours
• Support services
• Will I be able to get a part-time job?  Is there a student “job-shop”?
• How much does accommodation cost and what does it include?
• How much will it cost to travel home?
• What are costs like in the student union?

For further details and more help refer to your UCAS booklet and the Woodle Careers page 'Progression to Further Study'.