Ex-Students: UCAS Application Guidelines 2023

Ex-Students: UCAS Application Guidelines 2023
PLEASE NOTE: We are no longer accepting external applications for Oxbridge, Medicine, Dentistry or Vet Science as you have not provided Woodhouse College with enough time to write your reference.
Woodhouse College will only be providing a UCAS reference service for the following academic years
2022 / 2023 (2023 leavers)
2021 / 2022 (2022 leavers)
As an ex-student you must start your application as an independent applicant. Don’t link your application to any school or college when you start your application!
Once you have created the application, scroll down to the reference section. Here you will be asked again if you require a reference:
Need a reference?
If you are applying independently and a school, college, or centre has agreed to supply a reference for you. Use the link below to request their reference.
Ask a school, college, or centre for a reference
Now you can enter the buzzword: VANUATU and link yourself to us for the reference.
DO NOT link your full application as it will be rejected.
Before we can provide you with a reference you must complete the following 2 parts of your application:
• Choices (at least one so we know what you are applying for!)
• Education section (Woodhouse College + any resits you plan to do)
If the these two sections are not completed we will not be able to write your reference.
Reference requests received after the deadline dates listed below, will not be considered:
Oxbridge, Medicine, Dentistry & Veterinary Science: Monday 11th September 2023
UCAS Conservatoires (formerly CUKAS): Monday 11th September 2023
All other applications (excluding those above): Tuesday 17th October 2023
Please be aware, if we receive a reference request after Monday 11th September 2023 or Tuesday 17th October 2023 (depending on the course you are applying for), then we cannot guarantee that we will be able to meet national UCAS deadline of 16th October 2023 or 31st January 2024.
Email ucas@woodhouse.ac.uk if you require assistance when completing your UCAS application form, quoting your full name and the year you left Woodhouse College, in the email subject header.