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Woodhouse College
Open Day 2018 Results 2018

Introducing the UCAS system

• All applications for undergraduate courses at UK Higher Education institutions must be made through UCAS – the Universities and Colleges Admissions Service.

• You fill in your application online – you will need full details of examinations you have already sat and those you are about to take, including exam board, centre numbers etc.

• Your application includes a “personal statement” in which you explain why you have chosen your subject and demonstrate that you will be a good student.

• You are allowed five choices of institutions/courses (though you can only apply for up to four choices in Dentistry, Medicine and Veterinary Science).

• Applications for Medicine and Dentistry and all Oxford and Cambridge applications must be completed by 14th September.

• All other applications should aim to be in by 15th October.

• Once you have completed your application, the College adds a reference and a prediction of your A2 grades before sending it to UCAS.

• UCAS then forwards the application to the universities you have chosen.  The universities do not know where else you have applied.

• For each choice, you will either be offered a place or rejected.  If you are offered a place, it is likely to be conditional on receiving particular grades in your A2s.

• Once you have heard from all of your choices (usually by the end of March), you will have to decide which offers to keep.  You may hold one acceptance or first firm choice (which means you will go there if you get the required grades) and one insurance choice (which is usually a lower offer in case you do not get the grades required by your first choice).

• If you don’t receive any offers, from mid-March to the end of June you can make a further application for any course where there are still vacancies through the UCAS “Extra” process.

• If you have no offers when the results come out, or if your exam results do not match up to your offers, you can enter the clearing system.  You can apply for any course that has places available and for which you have the necessary grades.  This is either by phoning the university clearing line or online using the university's own system of allocating places on their website.

For further details and more help refer to your UCAS booklet and the Woodle Careers page 'Progression to further study'.