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Results 2018 Art and Design at Woodhouse Physics at Woodhouse
Woodhouse College
Results 2018 Art and Design at Woodhouse Physics at Woodhouse

Woodhouse students harvest bumper crop of A level high grades

Dated: 17 August 2018

Students and staff at Woodhouse College were jubilant this week as A level results were released nationally. Already the highest achieving sixth form college in London and top three nationally, we clocked up our best results in a decade this year.
Principal John Rubinstein said “These results are our second highest ever at Woodhouse and are a huge credit to the enormous hard work put in by everyone right across the Woodhouse community. In a year when grades are slightly down nationally, our students have bucked the trend.”
The Key Statistics
A level high grades 70% (A*– B, the grades required by top universities like the Russell Group)
101 students got three or more A or A* grades. 16 students got three or more A* grades.
At least 15 students will be going to an Oxbridge University.
An overall pass rate of 99.7% from 1993 exam entries (677 students).
29 confirmed Medicine offers 
Highest achieving sixth form college in London and top three nationally.
Callum Helcke got 3 A*s
Callum, who came to us from Finchley Catholic High School is taking a gap year before studying Chemistry at Bath University.
“I loved my time at Woodhouse and truly believe my grades are as much my teachers’ as they are my mine. I’m taking a year out to explore the other side of my life (dance) but I’ll most likely be back in chemistry labs in September 2019. I find it supportive that Mr Rubinstein reminds us that no matter how you do with exams, your future is not determined entirely by your grades.”
Jack Halkyard got A*A*A*A and Issy Darlington got 4 A*s
Issy came to Woodhouse from Acland Burghley School and will be studying Physics at Oxford University.
“I’m so relieved. I had a ten-hour delay at the airport coming home yesterday and managed to convince myself I wouldn’t make the grades for my offer. I’m very pleased but need some sleep now…”
Jack, from Enfield Grammar School, will be studying an integrated masters with research placements in Biological Science at Sussex University, with a £3000 bursary from the university.
“I’m really excited to be going to uni. I got up at 4.30am this morning to come here from the Isle of Wight to collect my results!”
Rebeka Shipkoyle got A*A*A
Rebeka Shipkolye, previously from Winchmore School, will be studying Law at Oxford University.
“I’m really happy. I’ve been thinking about going to Oxford since I was young and it’s surreal that I’m actually going now.”
 Brando Chouthi got 3 A*s
Brando will  be studying Maths and Philosophy at Kings College London
“I was worried before I got my results but now I’m just shocked! I‘ve really enjoyed my time at Woodhouse”
 Carolyn McAllister got A*AA and Orli Vogt-Vincent got 4 A*s
Carolyn, who came to us from Fortismere School, will be studying History at Edinburgh University.
“I’m so pleased and did way better than I thought. I’m so glad I came to Woodhouse.”
Orli will be studying History and German at Cambridge University.
“I’m excited to be going to Cambridge - But I hope I can keep up with my dancing too!”
Tagbo Egwuonwu got A*AA
Tagbo will be studying Law at Warwick University
“I’m elated! So happy and relieved that all that hard work has finally paid off. I can relax a little bit now before I move on to uni.” 
Elena Kiratzi got BBB and Abi Boja got AAA
 Abi is off to London School of Economics.
"I'm excited and looking forward to it!"
Elena, previously from Ashmole School, is going to study Politics and International Relations at Sussex University.
Liz Maltzeva got A*AA and Ross Kelly got AAC 
Liz and Ross are both off to Nottingham University to study Psychology and Philosophy, and French and Russian, respectively.
Billie Harris, Aiysha Faruque and Niam Shah
Billie, from Friern Barnet School got A*A*A and will study Maths at Lancaster University.
"It's been a tough two years but worth it."
Aiyshah, previously from Camden School for Girls got A*AA and is off to Sheffield Uni to study Bio-engineering.
"Life at Woodhouse has been so stressful, but good - a lot of hard work!"
Niam, who came to us from Christ's College Finchley, got AAB and will study Chemistry at Birmingham University.
"I'm really excited to go there..."
The are just some of the hundreds of success stories at Woodhouse College and we congratulate all of our students for working so hard to get into their university of choice. 

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