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Results 2018 Art and Design at Woodhouse Physics at Woodhouse
Woodhouse College
Results 2018 Art and Design at Woodhouse Physics at Woodhouse

Woodhouse students make art history

Dated: 29 March 2016

 Carla and Cairtiona
Two students from Woodhouse College have been offered places to study a BA in History of Art at the prestigious and world renowned Courtauld Institute in London. But Caitriona Burke and Carla Klein both had plans to study medicine when they first started at Woodhouse...
Caitriona "I'm so excited about studying at the Courtauld Institute. I came to study History of Art by chance really. I started Woodhouse a year earlier than my current year group but had to drop a year due to health issues. During the year off I visited exhibitions and really developed my interest in Art. When I returned to college I saw that A level History of Art had been added to the curriculum and decided to swap from the physics course. I fell in love with the subject straight away and our teacher Mrs Bower was really good and helped instil a real passion for art within me.
I'm so excited about my offer. I've been to open days and exhibitions at the Courtauld before and really want to go there."
Carla "I'm ecstatic about getting my offer, especially as I haven't studied History of Art at A level. I've always had an interest in art. We live in such as visual world it's almost impossible to not come across a painting or a photograph that really captures your imagination. Choosing to study History of Art as an undergraduate was as a real change of heart for me as I had been planning to study medicine.
The Courtauld Institute is so tough to get into, they only take 60 students a year, so for TWO Woodhouse students to make it is amazing."
Caitriona "I'm really interested in Islamic art and architecture and I know one of the lecturers on my course teaches that, so I'm looking forward to learning more about it. I'm also into 20th century modern art and feminist artists like Judy Chicago. I've no idea about my working future yet, but I do know that I want to study for my masters and Phd too, and I'll see where it goes from there."
Carla "It's hard to say what I'd like to study most as there's so much great art in history but I have a real fondness for David Hockney as both an artist and as a figure in the contemporary art world. I'm a fan of soviet propaganda art and the constructivists too.
After my degree the dream profession for me would be to direct an art gallery or museum. That said, you can't anticipate what you'll end up doing in life, mine already to a big turn from medicine to art, but I'm sure the course will set me up for many professions. At Woodhouse, I've had a lot of support from my personal tutor who helped me to recognise that it's OK to not have a complete life plan set out in front of you, that your path is more fluid and changing. I also had a lot of support from Mr Horner (Head of Art) who talked me through the application and personal statement and always had a spare moment to help."
Caitriona "I also got lots of support from my tutor and from Mr Horner who gave me a mock interview and I also had help from the Pastoral Care Manager.
We had a day at the Courtauld for interview. In the morning, we had a test where they gave us two images which we had to write about, and the course at Woodhouse had really prepared me for that. Then, in the afternoon it was interviews. At first I felt really intimidated (even more so than at my interview for Cambridge University) as the staff and other students all seemed really aloof and intellectual, but once we got talking they were actually really nice. Fingers crossed I keep my grades up (I need AAB to get in) because I can't wait to study there."
Head of Art at Woodhouse Joel Horner was full of praise for Caitriona and Carla. "We are proud and delighted that two students have been offered a place on such a prestigious course, and that they both have a passion for art that we're sure will serve them well."

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